Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy sigh

Ahh. Good hubby. All he needed was a good kick in the butt. We fought all day Friday and Saturday but he has come around.

Last night we had a romantic dinner and evening and cuddled all night long even though it was hot. He let the kids sleep in this morning because he is off today and he is washing the remaining dishes from dinner and also folding laundry and running errands like bill paying. He is also running the shoot Friday that I will miss so all I have to do it plan it and then he has to do all the sweat work.

Wonderful. Good hubby. Keeps telling me today how much he loves me and appreciates how hard I work - he even bragged on Alina's room to his co-workers yesterday in front of me. Funny how a few words can change everything and make me want to pull out the china, light candles and turn on mushy music.

He is also driving my neon until he gets it fixed because he didn't realize how much it bothered me. He is also returning that video game and buying the sequal one he knows I already like. He is also letting me go bra and undies shopping with our next commission check! (woohoo! I need some of those! Alot of my bras are litterally falling apart, and those that aren't are too big because I'm not nursing any more and that makes a HECK of a difference)

All I had to do was tell him how upset I was and suddenly the world is right again. Good Hubby. *happy sigh again*

It's funny though. He was telling me that he looked up stuff on the internet about how to make your wife happy and one website had a suggestion from a married man who said that you should spend at least one night at home with your wife and kids every two weeks. He said he knew this is a hard thing to do but you just got to take her into consideration and one night without the guys at the pub is something you'll learn to live with. GEEZ!! I would litterally go insane married to that guy! One night every two weeks? Are you kidding? The good Lord above did not create woman to stay at home with the kids, woman was created to be man's counterpart! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SPEND TIME WITH HER!!!!! LOL! The good thing is Brent knows this and he shared this advice because he thought it was hysterical.

Ahh. So much happier today. I don't know but something about my hubby telling me how much he loves me alot today has made me feel so much better.

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