Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrapbooking again!

Today I am scrap booking sweet things that my kids do that remind me of me or Brent. It's really cool to see so much of myself and of Brent in them.

Alina has the ability to fall asleep anywhere, just like Brent. She also requires being sprawled out, just like me.

Alina is not going to be bullied by anyone. She may be small but she is a fighter, just like her daddy.

She recently discovered the joys of "badump"ing down the stairs at her uncle David's house. I spent hours doing this as a child at my grandparent's house with my cousins.

Raziel is enthralled by movies, like both Brent and I are. He looks concentrated in this picture, like when Brent and I dissect movies and discuss take by take shots and how good it looks.

Alina loves salad. We can be eating pizza or mac and cheese or any number of other fun foods and if we are serving a salad, that's what she wants. This picture is at Cici's -- most pizza at eye level ever. She wanted a salad.

She is also an incredible little artist like mommy.... who loves spiderman like daddy!

This is my last one and my favorite of Raziel (I know there wasn't many of him but he's still little.) This jacket was Steve's (Brent's dad's) and we have pictures of him in it, we have pictures of Brent in it, and now we have pictures of Raziel in this jacket too. It's a little bit of history!

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