Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your Life - Wedding!

Last week we 'showed' our wedding dresses over at Kelly's Korner. This week we are showing/telling about our wedding ceremony and flowers and such.

Well I didn't bring any pictures today.. I'll try to post some later (maybe Monday) but I wanted to join in the fun and tell you about my wedding.

My husband and I got married on the 3rd year anniversary of the exact day that we met. The wedding party walked into -- wait for it --- VIDEO GAME music. No, it wasn't tacky.

the first part of this is what it was... really pretty. My mom had a fit after the fact when everyone was asking what it was and she found out it was Final Fantasy theme music.... Oh well!

I had a dozen white, long stemmed roses. Each of my bridesmaids carried a single white long stemmed rose too. I actually just ordered roses - not bound, not arranged or anything. The lady thought I was crazy but I thought it was very natural and innocent seeming. It went with the whole wedding theme -- very classic, very innocent, very natural and not at all over-done.

The groomsmen all wore black slacks and white button down shirts. The bridesmaids all wore black tea length dresses - each different from the other to compliment their shapes.

My husband actually rented a real tux :-) he said he wanted to be different and distinguishable from the wedding party - one of the things that we'd both seemed to have noticed was how the groom and his men all looked the same at most weddings and you don't know who's marrying who!! So his party was very casual and he was really formal.

Everything was very simple. We had white rose petals and candles and ivy scattered around for decoration. I got married barefoot. Hubby was shorter than me at the time so he wore some clonker boots and he looked taller than me.

My hubby's aunt made hour-derves and served punch. We got our cake from a place called Irene's Cake & Candy and it was the BEST I've ever had in my life.

We only spent about $2000 because we paid for it ourselves. Even if I had a million dollars, I would have done it the same - the only thing I may have done differently would have been to gone to my hometown for the wedding so more people could have come. But, it's okay I think it was perfect anyway.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lovely. $400 down the drain

So I'm pleased with my day. HAH

Today I was expecting to have money in the bank. The owner of our company repeatedly talks about payday being the 30th. Everyone, in fact, counted on being paid today. In actuality, however, we get paid the last day of the month. That means tomorrow.

Today I am $46.39 over drafted. By the time fees all clear, it will be about $400.
I have direct deposit. That means this big ass check I'm getting tonight with which I intended to get my house payment caught up will only be a normal sized check because I can't borrow $50 from anyone. I have asked around already, and it's just not a possibility for anyone.


I want to know why it is that every time I get on my feet and caught up on the bills, somehow or another something is done wrong or miscalculated and we are over drafted. Of course, while I only used $46.39 too much, it will quickly be another $360 in fees. I always feel like its out of my control. I always feel like that someone has wronged me, and that had things gone as I was under the impression that they should have gone, I would be perfectly fine. Now, I won't get my house bill caught up. Now, I won't get to spend fun money, or pay to fix my car.

All I can see is the negative side. All I can see is how it should have been and how it is nothing close to that.

I am so frustrated. I feel like my life is just constantly an out-of-control nightmare where I am just falling and falling and drowning in lack of control. I fight so hard to control it and do things right but it just never turns out that way. I never know what else to do. I feel like I constantly ask God what is my problem and all I get is quiet, be still, chill out.

That doesn't fix my problem. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but calming down and "its just money" doesn't make me feel responsible by any means. Brent and I are trying so hard to save up money and get a "nest egg" so that we don't ever have this situation... but it doesn't seem to matter. Every time we get some money in savings, we have to use it for the broken car or a doctor visit or something else dumb.

I just don't understand why some people are so well off and they don't even have to bother. I work hard, so does Brent. We save our money and are very very very cheap about things and it never pans out. We never go on dates, we never spend money on fun things. We just don't ever have enough. We're trying so hard to do the right thing and catch up the bills and blah blah blah and its simply impossible.

I don't feel like trying anymore. And, Brent isn't helping. He's either telling me that its just money or telling me "of course, freak out honey, its a lot of money" and it just makes me more angry. I hardly know what to do with myself anymore. Maybe if I just don't buy food at work then we could save money. But that's a ridiculous thing to say at all, much less when you're pregnant and responsible for a tiny little life.

Why does it always seem so easy for everyone else and so hard for me? I never never never never never seem to have enough money just to pay the bills. I remember posting a blog a few months ago about how we were working so hard to make more and spend less and here I am, end of July, still broke off my ass.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today I have a headache.

Today I feel as if I have still had no sleep. (what is this, a month running now?)

Today I am frustrated.

Today I am worn out.

What is going on with me? This isn't simple morning sickness blues. I am seriously a sad person. Last night, Brent got home at 8:45. I already had Raziel in bed. He played with Alina (she learned to whistle through a straw) and laughed hysterically with her for 15 minutes and then put her in bed.

I didn't even make dinner. I went to bed and fell asleep.

I didn't even read.

I feel lonely and I am tired of having virtually no mommy friends to hang out with. We went over to Jason and Tiffany's the other night because their 16 year old babysat for us.... Jason and Tiffany are in their early 30's (Veronica was adopted!) and they also have a 11 year old and like an 8 year old.... had fun for the 45 minutes we were over there.... Honestly, that's the first time I can remember hanging out with anyone non-family or non-movie for a year, at least.

I'm so sick of movie. I'm so sick of my house. I'm so sick of being poor. I'm so sick of being tired. I'm so sick of people acting like I do have friends and that I have no reason to be depressed. I texted 3 or 4 of my girlfriends from Charleston a few days ago. No one replied. I didn't want to intrude on their lives if they were busy. I just want to have some good old girl talk again.

I'm so tired of being so alone. Brent's sad -- he can't understand it and doesn't know how to fix it. We talked about moving somewhere bigger -- but can't afford to live in any city because its too expensive. Even foreclosed homes are too much.

I had a great idea for a new story I should write. I didn't even bother to jot it down. I am drained and worn out and tired. I feel like I've been praying the same thing -- God, give me rest, give me a community of friends to be supported by -- for like... ever. I don't know what else to do.

sorry to be weepy on you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Morning Time

I hate mornings.

I hate them worse when I'm pregnant in my first trimester

I've never had terrible morning sickness. My friend Helen Joy would puke everywhere so much that she'd keep a cup in the car to puke into and she found ways to puke at the store too. Thankfully, I've never had that issue that badly, but I always puke when I brush my teeth which just defeats the purpose of brushing them.

I brush them anyway.

This morning I was 15 minutes late to work. Most of that was because I couldn't make myself get out of bed early enough for my routine with a shower. I get up, make a bottle for Raziel, shower, get Alina and Raziel up, change diapers, and change clothes. Then we go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. I don't, usually, but they do. This morning they had cheerios, bananas and apple juice. I was jealous and wanted to sit and eat with them, but was too tired and didn't have enough time. If I had time to do anything, I would lay down and sleep. But I didn't have time for that either.

By the time I got on the road to work, some grandma going 35 on the road that most people drive 60+ on (speed limit is around 50 or 55) got in front of me and I got stuck. I hate getting stuck because realistically, I could have been somewhat prompt and on time, but granny was going so slow I couldn't get anywhere fast, and of course, the road is curvy and double solid lines the whole way.

*sigh* Such is life.

The all day shoot on Sunday didn't go nearly as well as planned. We were missing costumes, I was grumpy and non-helpful, and the cocoon that we had planned to make ahead of time wasn't made yet, was made on the spurr of the moment, and, of course, didn't work at all. Poor Brandon was actually tied to the bunk bed with belts for the one scene we got done. I was so grumpy and frustrated that I wasn't even nice about it. At least Brent was there to soothe his frusterations over and I didn't loose an actor for being such a jerk.

Today, I am just ready to be done. I'm ready to have a few days off to sleep. I'm ready to have a few days to relax, read, paint, and decorate. I'm ready to have some money to fix my car and fix up my house. I'm ready to have Alina's room finished. I have gotten all the big cracks filled in the walls (mobile home, lovely, I know) and sanded. I'm ready to have time to paint over the mudding and repaint the corners of my butterflies that were mauled in the process of repair, and I'm ready to have money and time to put up some molding at the top of the wall so there's not any big gaps. I'm ready to have money to buy 15 bins so I can properly sort her clothes and toys and things. I'm ready to have money and time to have a life again.

*sigh again* so I'm frustrated and today I don't feel ready for a third baby. Today, I don't think I'm ready for much of anything. But, life goes on. I must co-ordinate another shoot, plan the trip to SC for David & Sarah's wedding, call the mortgage company and figure out the exact amount I need to pay to finally have it up to date (that's been 4 months in the coming), I need to find a sitter for the shoot we're talking about doing Friday.....

It's too much. I'm going to take a break and read my book. Maybe I'll do all the things I need to later, when I'm more positive about the situation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My 10 don'ts and my NEWS!

I thought this was the coolest idea- I've always wanted to just tell everyone what I don't do :-) ---- as if you would be able to spend 10 minutes with me and not know.... but some of you don't get to spend ten minutes with me so -- here we are!

1) I don't wear pink. There may be two or three things I own that are pink and I wear them only when absolutely necessary -- like in front of the person that gifted it to me. (I do wear yellow and green!)

2) I don't usually eat breakfast. I just don't find enough time in the morning for it. However, I tend to have an early lunch (like 11:30) when I don't have breakfast.

3) I don't judge people for reading books I didn't like. I don't think its fair to decide what someone should or should not enjoy. Example: I am reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers. Yes, I understand that those books are written for people 5-10 years younger than me, and that it is all fictional blah blah blah but I have to do something sometimes that lets my brain rest. I can't always be a grown up!!!

4) I don't keep a dirty fridge. It bothers me when theres something that smells funky, even when its brand new. If there is a point where I haven't had time to clean it, I can assure you, all the expired food is tightly sealed and separated from the good stuff.

5) I don't eat onions. I'm allergic. My husband didn't believe me for a long time because it's an odd allergy/sensitivity. I can eat onion powder and sour cream and onion flavored things. But, regardless of if I know its there or not, if there is chunks of onion in there - no matter how little - I will have a stomach ache that night.

6) I don't cook frozen veggies. Except broccoli. Canned is okay-- usually only corn. I don't know why.

7) I don't sleep past 8am anymore - even when the kids are still asleep and I don't have to work. I woke up this morning at 7:30 without the alarm going off.

8) I don't keep my clocks accurate. All the clocks in my house are about 15 minutes fast. It helps me be on time. It shouldn't - since I realize that they are fast -- but all the clocks are a bit off from each other -- one's 17 min, one's 13 mins, one's 20 -- so I just push to be out by the time I should leave according to the clock and I am always on time because I would usually be late!

9) I don't drink much liquor. I have talked about this previously on my blog.... I am 22 but can't hold more than a half of a beer or any other mixed drink. The only time I can actually finish a drink is if it is coke & rum. And usually, the bartender only puts a little rum in there for me, so I can actually enjoy the drink.

10) I don't tell moms that I don't know what to do with their kids. That is pet peeve #1 in the world for me -- when someone you've never met in your life and knows nothing about how you raise your children tells you what to do or how to discipline them. Ex 1: When Alina was newborn, we took her to the grocery store. It was early January, but she didn't care. She is hot natured like her daddy so I never kept a heavy blanket on her because I dressed her warmly anyway. I left her feet uncovered because she would get too hot otherwise. I had a grandmother telling me I needed to get some socks on my baby before she froze and got very upset when I stated that Alina was fine. Ex 2: A few weeks ago at the grocery store, the kids were too tired and I was worn out. They, of course, were grumpy and crying. Alina was throwing a fit because I said she couldn't have any more juice till we got home (literally 15 minutes away.) This mom looked at me like I was Satan himself for telling my child she had to wait. Then another lady whispered loudly to her husband that she would never let her children get so loud and rude in a public place. Well excuse me for having a 2 year old!! I wonder if people like that ever had children, or if its been a terribly long time or something.... (mommies reading this, leave your comments about this, tell me your stories!!)

My news:

I am pregnant!!

Yes, we planned it. Yes, we were trying. No, I don't know how far along I am. No, I don't know when she's due (we are guessing April). Yes, we are hoping for a girl. Yes, we have names picked out : Julietta Tamari (girl) or Lien Roth (boy)

but its a girl so the boy name is just for fun.
Hubby is trying to get me to agree to Dante Inferno if its a boy, but he tricked me into naming Raziel after a video game and its not happening again!! Well, okay, so Tamari is the name of a girl from an anime so I'm not sure how that's better, but Tamari means "keeper of the wind." I like it because of the spiritual depth to the word wind - meaning Spirit. I think it's a cool idea to name a child "the keeper of the spirit."

We are very excited. Alina is a genius - by the way. We told her she was going to have a sister. Brent told her that she is in mommy's tummy. Alina looked at me and then at Raziel and stated, very matter of factly "oh! The baby is in mommy's tummy and she will get big and come out like Raziel!" This impressed me because #1) she was 18 months when we had Raziel. That was almost a year ago. #2) she remembered Raziel being in my tummy and coming out of my tummy. (not that she was present in the room for the birth, just that she knew the baby came out)

Raziel isn't really big enough to communicate clearly enough with, but that's okay.

My goals before baby #3:

#1) Get some money saved up for financial struggles when I take leave. This should be doable since we're actually getting on our feet -- finally!

#2) Get the kitchen painted. I hate the colors it is now -- nasty red cabinets and rooster wallpaper. We are going to take down the wall paper, paint the walls "daffodil yellow" and the cabinets black. And finish my room - there's only one wall left to be painted.... And paint Raziel's room. When we moved in, the girl that had lived in that room painted it blood red and black and I've spent 2 years covering it with kilz and primer and everything possible but it's just not going to go white. I've finally gotten it to a pale, lightly tinted blue color, but I think that's the best its going to get. I want to do something cute in there -- Brent and I were talking about making it a Mario room (SNES style). This would be fun.

#3) Get Raziel walking. He's strong enough and fully able, but he isn't interested in walking - he gets in a hurry and starts to crawl to get anywhere, even when I'm trying to make him walk.

#4) Get Alina potty trained. I can't pay for 3 babies in diapers. I have 9 months -- that should give us 3 or 4 months to take a break and then 5 or 6 months to train. Its okay if that doesn't happen, but I'm gonna try for sure

#5) organize, sort and label all the outgrown and grow-into clothes I have for the kids. Also, clean out Raziel's closet which is basically junked right now and use his closet for kids clothing as well.

Thats all my goals for now :-) there will be more, I'm sure, but it's okay.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us Your Life - Wedding Dress!

I have been dying to do this post ever since I saw it on Kelly's Korner's list. I can't wait to brag on my dress and see everyone else's, though I'm pretty sure I have the best wedding dress ever imaginable!!

First, this is a photo of me and hubby during our portraits. I love how the photographer kind of peeks through the bushes at us.

This one is another of my fav's with the sun setting on the big house and all.

Now on to the details of the dress! I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. I was so happy when I put it on - I knew instantly. I had like 3 or 4 others picked out to try on as well and didn't even bother because I knew that was the dress I wanted.

This is the back. It was like a bodice from olden times where you button the bodice together and then you have to lace it up after that.

this is the neckline. I wanted to show you this so you could see all the delicate beading on it. The dress was pretty darn heavy - with all the beading on the bodice and then as many layers are there were on the skirt.

I loved the full cathedral train on it. The top layer was longest, and had embroidery all over it. I absolutely loved the way it fell on the floor and you could see through it.

see? this is what I'm talking about. I absolutely love this dress and hope when we get to our 50 year wedding anniversary I can still wear it. It's like a size 0 taken in so I'm not so sure about that being a possibility!!!

Hope you like my dress!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought I wasn't missed

So I was under the impression that no one read by blogs and now I have had several people tell me "hey why aren't you blogging" so I'm back to the grind. It's nice to know that people actually want to know about my life! Besides, I'm excited about the "Show us your wedding dress" blog tomorrow on Kelly's Korner and had to make up for lost time so that I don't do it all tomorrow.

Yesterday I started planning the final shoot of our movie. This is a semi-depressing and yet semi-exciting concept itself. We are hoping to finish up this Sunday. There are very good sides to this: #1) I'll actually have days off again. #2) We won't have to hire/beg/borrow everyone in the world to babysit the kids and I'll actually get to spend time with them. I'm ready to have time to teach Raziel to walk and Alina to go potty. #3) I will have time to spend with my husband! #4) I will have time to clean my house. #5) I will have money to spend on things other than tape or props. We are going to be shooting the movie all day literally, 12 hours.

I'm pretty sure we're setting ourselves up for a day of hell -- I don't know if we can actually get it all done but I feel like its my responsibility as a director just to grit my teeth and get it done. I'm going to have to just be a jerk and tell people to do things and hope to God that they don't hate me when its done. Even if I make everyone mad, at least they'll have a week or two to get over it before the cast party! We have so much to do and its going to be so hard to get through it all but everyone's ready to be done. Brandon grew in a full beard for the part and bless his heart he's so ready to shave! Jon and Brent have been holding off all summer on loosing weight because they need to maintain their character's appearance. I do know that in future films, I will take like 2 weeks out and have everyone just vacation or something and do long shoots all day. I'll just take the kids to my mom for the week and get through it. I feel like that's an easier way to shoot a movie. I'd much rather work movie for 2 weeks and be done than drag it out over a summer like this.

Last night, Brent and I had a "date" night. We've decided that every Wednesday night is "my night" and every Friday night is "his night." Essentially, we've discovered that he and I have VERY different love languages and that things that I want to do and things that he wants to do are totally different. I feel just as loved and valued watching a movie and eating pizza with him as if we spent a ton of money and went out somewhere, but he needs to have a romantic setting -- even just a candlelight dinner and snuggling in bed. So it's his job to make my nights enjoyable for me and vis versa. He told me last night that he got into a discussion with two of our friends about whose job it is to make me or him happy. They said that its his job to keep him happy and my job to keep me happy and then we just are happy together. I don't know about everyone else, but I know that Brent and I spend a lot of time trying to make the other happy and it really seems to work. I love seeing his face light up when I've made a nice dinner or bought him a new game or cleaned the house for him and decorated to make it nicer for him. I feel so loved and valued when he tries to make me happy too. I really think that it's the best way to have a good marriage.

Oh and also last night I had my first beer. LOL Brent tricked me, actually. I've had wine and plenty of mixed drinks at dinner before, but he brought home flavored beer and didn't tell me what it was. I was halfway through the bottle when I read the back to see what was in it and it said Mango flavored beer. In my defense, it was nothing like the nasty beer I've smelled on people before, and it hardly tasted like alcohol, but I couldn't help feeling like a traitor for drinking beer when I've picked on so many people for drinking a cheap alcohol that is fattening, but I actually enjoyed it. Honestly I only got through about 2/3's of it. I take pride in that really. I just drink enough to enjoy it and then my legs start to get all relaxed and I get kinda giggly and incoherent and that's when I stop drinking. Brent drank a whole one and the rest of mine, and he just got a little giggly. Oh well. I guess we're too responsible to really be 22 year olds. I've never understood people that get hammered. We just don't drink a lot. I'd hate to be wasted out of my mind and like the house catch fire and forget to grab Alina and Raziel - or worse, be unable to get them because I can't get up myself. I'd hate to loose them or let them be hurt because I was too drunk. I guess I'm officially and old lady, then. I can't even get drunk without thinking about the possible consequences.

This morning I picked up a package that Helen Joy sent for Alina and I have to say that I was thrilled out of my mind because she sent me a bottle of lotion too. Silly that I get so excited about a little bottle of lotion, but I can't remember the last time that I've bought something for me - especially something so simply for fun like lotion. I left Alina's present all wrapped up for her to open, because she loves opening presents. I read HJ's blog the other day and saw what it was that she was sending and got very excited. I know Alina will absolutely love it! It's a little Larry the Cucumber that comes with dress up things - almost like a Mr Potato head, except its a Larry. I was afraid the mail guy wouldn't leave it in the box again so I took a 10 minute detour and picked it up on the way to work, which made me a little late, but it was really okay with me. I was so excited that HJ spelled Alina's name right (which hardly ever happens - people usually spell it Alaina which is silly because that's not how we say it at all but oh well). And I was thrilled that she even put a little note in there to say that she should stay in her car seat (which she still hasn't done to me, but Brent has pretty much disciplined obedience into her but is still having issues with Raziel, but we are getting a big boy car seat for him soon and it has like an airplane or parachute style harness on it so I think that will resolve the issues). Its so funny to me that even as a grown up I love getting personal mail, and I love getting presents in the mail. Its so fun to know that people think of Alina when they're out and about sometimes :-).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New things my kids do

Ok so I've just decided to compile a list of all the new things my children are capable of.

Alina's New Tricks

#1) Able to get out of her car seat alone while parent is busy driving - so daddy says. She has yet to pull this prank on me

#2) Able to open doors when closed

#3) Count to twenty

#4) Spell her name out loud

Raziel's new tricks

#1) crawl

#2) says mama and dada

#3) Stands by pulling up on things

#4) could walk if he wanted to but is too busy crawling and getting into things :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Sigh* String of Bad Days

So Sunday was awesome... We were shooting in the Marriott hotel for our movie and had news coverage and everything... but there were some frusterations.

#1) We had not counted on the She conference will Paula Deen. No one had mentioned it and I hadn't paid attention and essentially it came out that we were fighting for parking space with 6000+ old grumpy overweight women that had nothing better to do than pay $75 a person to listen to Paula Deen speak (and not even cook). Ok, so it might be a generalized and unfair profile of SOME of the women there, but that's what I saw the most of, anyway.

#2) Since we had to fight for parking, we were on floor #8 on the South side of the garage, and the restaurant was floor #2 from the north side, through a corridor and down another few halls. The equipment was very heavy but I made the decision that we should just bring it in all at once. There were 3 of us and it was a long walk so I figured we could handle it. What I didn't expect was for Brent to yell at me for 20 minutes while we walked because he had all the heavy stuff, or for him to still be mad at me today.

#3) To wait for 3 hours while the rest of my crew to show up, and the food to be delivered for the dinner we were shooting. Brent kept telling me we needed to start over and over but we couldn't do ANYTHING until we had #1 - a waiter or #2 - the food. The waiter was on his way from Atlanta. We had counted on the Mater-D (sp?) to want to participate but he was manager on Duty so he was too busy to deal with us at all. So I was yelled at and could do nothing.

Yesterday, I lost my keys in my store. I looked for them for 4 hours, even called everyone that had been in and looked at the security footage. All I can think is that someone picked them up and lied about it. But, it had my flash drive with my entire movie on it - all the pictures, the script, all the details I need to plan. I have paper copies of it all, and the script is already copyrighted but I'm just frustrated because we had to get the locks changed and I have to start from scratch on a flash drive and Brent wants me to tell him what we're shooting Sunday and I DON'T KNOW
because I don't have that flash drive.

So today isn't so great. Brent's still upset because his back hurts from the movie shoot equipment haul (he's got a bad shoulder from a long time ago). He's mad because I haven't got my flash and don't know what we're doing Sunday. And he's just being a jerk in general.

Sorry, I had to vent. I'm weepy and have been for 3 or 4 days now and I'm just too tired to try to be positive. Maybe you should leave a comment and remind me my day isn't that bad or something.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One tired momma

I haven't posted in like an entire week... I've been way too busy and way too engrossed in the leaked copy of Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyers (OK NO BASHING ON THAT NOTE). I can't be patient enough for the paycheck we get tomorrow to go buy the 2nd book so I'm reading the free companion novel to Twilight which I just finished. Say what you will in your little brains but I enjoy it because I don't have to think about diapers or movies or dinner or mowing or cleaning or paying bills. I have to have some escape sometimes or I will go crazy!!

Forth of July was sweet and adorable. Alina was so excited when we went to go buy the fireworks. She told me and everyone that we ran into "we get fireworks, they go boom in the sky!" Broke as I was, we only had $11 for fireworks. If you've every purchased fireworks then you know you won't get much for $11. We went and explored several tents that were all set up next to each other. The first tent had bottle rockets displayed to have 144 for $1. They didn't mention, however, that these were so tiny that it was likely that #1) half of them wouldn't go off and #2) they wouldn't make much more than a little pop. Well I'd already decided that I didn't want noisy ones, just ones that made colorful things in the sky because I knew Alina would be frightened by the noise. So we went on to the next tent where I guess the man felt sorry for me and gave me 12 color bottle rockets, sparklers, and 2 other little things that shoot stuff from the ground and are pretty for my $11.
We went back to Nene's (Pam, my mother in law) and had hot dogs and beans like any good american family and swam in the pool. Finally, it got dark and we drug blankets out onto the lawn and Brent set to work getting all the plastic stuff off the fireworks. Alina began screaming and crying before we got started. Apparently, the neighbors had already started and the noise scared her. She started begging Daddy to go home. When I got out there I talked to Alina about it and she calmed down some. She decided it was okay when she was sitting in my lap. Soon, she saw the "stars" (fireworks) in the sky and got excited and forgot all about being scared. It was precious.

Our next adventure of the week was potty training. Someone told me that if I potty train (and that's all I do) for 3 days that she'll get it and be potty trained. Sounded way too good to be true but I'm tired of buying diapers for 2 and decided to give it a try. Well, day one we had 1 success and about 8 accidents. I thought we had made progress but days 2 and 3 had accidents all day and not a single success. I'm frustrated out of my mind. I talked to my mom and the sitter about it and we all agree she might not be ready for it yet... but I'm ready for it! I'm so frustrated about it. I know she's only 2 1/2 and I know she's still really a baby but I'm ready to be done with diapers on her and I'm ready to let her wear all the cute Dora, Ariel and Sesame Street panties she picked out at the store. She asks to every day, but she just has accidents all day and it's so hard for me to clean it up and potty train while keeping Raziel out of the mess.

Today I am prepping for our movie shoots this weekend. We have a long one on Friday that I am missing because I have to work. Sunday, we are shooting at the Marriott in Chattanooga. This is huge and is our first really public shoot. I am nervous about it because they public is about to see us and see what we do and make their first decision about our impressions on them. I am loosing my mind today.

Then, last night at 3am is when I discovered that Alina can open doors. She sleeps in a big girl bed and her own room. She woke up at some point in the night and at 3am she came and crawled into my bed and said "Mommy I want to snuggle" (although she doesn't get the s on there and it comes our nuggle which is adorable I might add). She crawled into my bed and laid down for about 20 minutes and then went back to her room. Well, in the process she, of course, woke up Raziel. Raziel of course, got up and stood at the end of his bed crying "ma ma ma ma ma" (because he knows my name but not that it is only the two syllables) until I got him a bottle. By then it was 3:45 and I was beyond tired and I dropped back into bed as the kids went back to sleep.

I am pleased to announce that I have achieved the ultimate goal. Our electric bill is never over $100 and my house is always cool. We were given a window A/C unit for Christmas and we purchased a "cooling humidifier" from walmart. They are on the A/C isle and are $80 but its amazing. You put ice packs and water into the tray and plug it in and it works the same as the window unit but you can move it around in the house because it's on wheels. At night, I leave the window unit in the LR running and leave the kids doors open with box fans in their doors to blow the cool air in. I leave the bathroom door and our door closed and we have a big sheet pinned up between our living room and office/kitchen doorway to act as a door as well. Kitchen is rarely that cool but it doesn't much matter because we aren't in there most of the day. We put the humidifier in our room and have a mini dual-fan box fan in our window blowing cool air in at night and hot air out during the day. It's actually cold in my house when we get up in the morning.

Thats about all I can think to write about today. I'm tired and have lots of work to do.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Show us Where you Live Friday!

Today's Friday!! You know what that means!!

Well I refuse to show the world pictures of what my yard really looks like. The woman who sold us the house 2 years ago left it in disarray and I've been working my behind off to get it to an acceptable place but... here's the to-do list for fun!

1) Grow grass in dirt patch.
Our german shepard mix and 100lb puppy put all his energy into running in a circle in my front yard and wore down the grass. So I moved him to the backyard and am re-growing grass under that tree.

2) Hack down and mow the existing underbrush/jungle section.
Like I said, the lady hadn't taken care of the house and being as how we bought it when I was 9 months pregnant I wasn't enthusiastic about doing it myself. 2 years and 2 kids later I am working dilligentally on it but still have a section that will require a hedge trimmer to hack down before I can mow.

3) Expand my garden
I have a poor excuse for an herb garden including one basil plant and one rosemary plant. They're doing well but aren't getting big enough fast enough. I'd like to expand this garden.

4) Plant more roses.
I have one rosebush. It's super cute and does really well in all the sunlight in my yard. I love cutting fresh roses and decorating my table with them. I want more of these guys but their like $8 a pop and that just seems like alot for a pretty thing that stays outside.

5) Add trees. Specifically one of these guys.

6) I also want to expand our deck and get a nice pool - just the $200 kind at walmart that you blow up the ring and fill it up with water. But that's a long way and a lot of money off.

Thanks for visiting my wanna do yard list tour!! While you're here, stop by my July Giveaway! It's my last post to this blog.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Woohoo!! Today is the starting entry day of the great gift giveaway!! That's right! I am super excited about all the fun stuff people give away on their blogs. So, in honor of... well, just fun I guess, I am doing a giveaway! WOOHOO!!

So, all you lovely ladies take a look at this!

This is a canvas that has been hand painted with deep texture and colors to match a child's room. It's done with acrylics and is copy-cat-ing the whole monogram thing that's so popular and absolutely adorable. It can be left in a matte or covered with a varnish to preserve the paint and make it shiny (which will be included, you won't have to do it yourself)

Notice the cute little polka dots on the edges. Also, you can see the texture of the pink a lot better in this photo than the bigger shot. The whole canvas has this squiggly texture to it.

This particular demo model is in my daughter's room and matches/compliments her walls and room decor. The give away is one that will be made specifically for the child you have in mind and made specifically with colors you pick to compliment their room. This is great for a boy or a girl and also makes a wonderful baby shower gift! Leave a comment to enter the giveaway!! A name will be drawn on July 18th and the winner will be contacted.

I am hoping to start selling these (probably for about $15-$20) so I'd really like to see everyone's opinions. Would you buy this? Would you pay $20 for it? Do you think I should charge more? Would you want the colors pre-done or would you want to pick them? Leave your comments please! I'm really struggling to make some extra cash here so I'm taking steps to do it!