Monday, June 8, 2009

Tired and in Charleston

My beautiful precious children slept for the whole 8 hour drive and when we finally arrived in Charleston, they decided it was time to be awake. One of the downfalls of traveling at night is that I rarely get to sleep when we get to our destination. Today was no exception.

Alina snuggled with her daddy for about an hour. Brent was happy as a clam, he kept telling me that she snuggles like I do. Raziel stayed in his carseat for a while and just looked around. After 45 minutes of peace, it was over. Alina decided to start tickling Raziel. And, Raziel was no help. He started laughing and giggling. When I finally was able to break up the party, he was wide awake and ready to play. Alina was super grumpy because it was about 3:30am and she should have been asleep. I tried just letting them play, I tried ignoring them, nothing worked.

Finally I got mad and snapped the playpen up and put Alina down. I made a bottle for Raziel and tried putting him in a laundry basket. Well, that worked when he was a newborn but 8 months later, he's big enough to pull up on the side and tip the whole thing over. He did this about 4 or 5 times and I finally snapped him into his carseat and called it a night.

This only lasted until Timothy left at 5 am, then my parents left at 7 and Alisha left at 8 but oh well. Caffeine is a good thing.

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