Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Woohoo!! Today is the starting entry day of the great gift giveaway!! That's right! I am super excited about all the fun stuff people give away on their blogs. So, in honor of... well, just fun I guess, I am doing a giveaway! WOOHOO!!

So, all you lovely ladies take a look at this!

This is a canvas that has been hand painted with deep texture and colors to match a child's room. It's done with acrylics and is copy-cat-ing the whole monogram thing that's so popular and absolutely adorable. It can be left in a matte or covered with a varnish to preserve the paint and make it shiny (which will be included, you won't have to do it yourself)

Notice the cute little polka dots on the edges. Also, you can see the texture of the pink a lot better in this photo than the bigger shot. The whole canvas has this squiggly texture to it.

This particular demo model is in my daughter's room and matches/compliments her walls and room decor. The give away is one that will be made specifically for the child you have in mind and made specifically with colors you pick to compliment their room. This is great for a boy or a girl and also makes a wonderful baby shower gift! Leave a comment to enter the giveaway!! A name will be drawn on July 18th and the winner will be contacted.

I am hoping to start selling these (probably for about $15-$20) so I'd really like to see everyone's opinions. Would you buy this? Would you pay $20 for it? Do you think I should charge more? Would you want the colors pre-done or would you want to pick them? Leave your comments please! I'm really struggling to make some extra cash here so I'm taking steps to do it!

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