Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raziel's big mess!

Brent and I went out last night, compliments of Alisha who provided both child care and the funds for our dinner-and-a-movie date. It was wonderful - I can't remember the last time we had dinner and a movie. We ate at Chili's (had the oddest waitress EVER) and then went to go see Wolverine (which was really good!)

When we got home I gave kisses to my babies who were already in bed because it was like 1am. Alina woke up and snuggled with me for about 5 minutes and fell back asleep. It was so sweet and made me feel wonderful that she wanted to snuggle with me even though she'd already been in bed for several hours (since 9pm). I kissed Raziel and closed his door too, not noticing that which had been left in his crib.

What, you ask, was left in his crib? Oh, only a jumbo size economy pack of 500 wipes. Why is this a problem? Because by morning time when I went in to give him his morning bottle, Raziel had successfully both opened and strewn the entire package about his crib. There weren't any wipes left in the package when I got in there. I wish I'd taken a picture but I spent too much time picking it all up and was 5 minutes late to work anyway.

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