Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alina's Big Girl Bed

so I usually don't post twice in a day but I've got so much to say today!!

Saturday I decided to decorate Alina's room and Raziel's room and get them started as rooms that are fun and reflect personalities instead of just being spare rooms. Alina's room is already painted, although I need to finish up the butterflies and flowers I'm adding and do the mural on the third wall. I put that yellow bookcase (see last post) in there and I'm going to add her a dresser (also see last post). I think I want to decorate her lamp with flowers too.

But, the big thing that we did was took the crib out of her room and put a big girl bed in there for her. Alina was so sad when she saw me taking down her crib. She told me that it was her bed and not to take it away. She cried some. I sat down and talked to her about it. I think she was afraid she wasn't going to have a bed at all! Basically I am tired of having to let her out of her crib in the morning just so she can play in her room. I told Alina that she was getting a big girl bed, like Marissa (a girl whose mother watches Alina regularly). Alina cheered up some at this prospect. She helped me move the bed in and we put sesame street sheets on it with a winnie the pooh pillow and a veggie tales blanket. I know it doesn't match but she was excited and that's what I had lying around so it worked!

The first night she slept just fine. She got up in the morning and I was already awake in the bathroom. I heard a knocking on the door and figured it was the front door. So I went to go see who it was and no one was there. It took me a minute but I finally figured out that Alina was trying to get out of her room! She knocked again and I opened her door. She was thrilled. From this point forward she has napped and slept in her bed every time and she gets up when she wakes up and comes to find me or brent immediately. She has not realized that she can just play in her room and make a mess, and this is a good thing for the time being!

I plan to get a bed set sometime soon that will match her room and any variety of characters she'd like to incorporate but until then it will do. I already have sesame street sheets and my parents sent a matching comforter so I'll just clean it well and make some sesame street pillows and I'll have a full set! I'm so excited.

I took Alina's crib and put it in Raziel's room - making his crib into a permanent changing table (since it's the less sturdy of the two and Raziel is pulling up on EVERYTHING now!). I moved the rocking chair into his room as well and a toy shelf with the infant geared toys. I'm going to take the clothes cabinet from Alina's room and put it into his room for his clothes since she is going to have a dresser now. I am so excited to have nice furniture for their rooms!

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