Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a wonderful Provider! (part 2)

So a few days ago I posted about how much God has blessed me in tithing, and I figured for some reason that He was done blessing me -- boy I was wrong! Here's some more things He has done lately to bless our finances.

So remember the day that I ran out of gas and got to the gas station anyway? I forgot to mention at the time of my post that I dropped my debit card on the ground and didn't notice. For some reason, I felt very strongly like I'd forgotten to put the lid on the gas tank which is something I never ever forget. I fought in my head for a minute or two and finally just opened up my door to check it for good measure. Gas tank closed? check. Debit card on ground? Also check. I never would have noticed that.

Saturday I got a phone call from citifinancial. Brent and I have been slowly paying off a consilidation loan from them for the last 3 years. Well, (stupid, I know) we got back into more debt since that loan and we've had that payment as well as other credit cards and such, and so we finally consulted a lawyer/credit debt resolution company and we make one payment to them a month and they pay off our credit cards and loans and such. (different from a consolidation loan because they actually make the payments instead of paying it off all at once. this will build our credit instead of just clearing it.) Well, citifinancial basically said that they wouldn't work with them till I made one more payment because I'd just resigned the loan for a better rate and basically that I hadn't made any payments on the new loan. Once I made the first payment they'd take payments from the other people. Well, problem being I was already locked into and had already paid $360 to the credit counselors and Citifinancial wanted another $260. This wasn't happening until we got paid, but when I got paid I had to spend more money on food than I thought I would so I planned to pay it with the check we just got today. Well Saturday they called me to say that if I didn't pay it that day they were taking me to court over it on Monday. I freaked out and tried to call them back and work things out. I spent an hour and half trying to call them and waiting and waiting and crying trying to figure out what to do. Then, out of the blue, the home office called me - I hadn't thought to call them. They were just checking up on me and they took a post dated check from me and guess what else!!! The payment was only $223 instead of $260. They stopped the legal action because they had a permanent payment in place. And, now that they have that payment, they are going to work with the credit counselors.

Then, today my boss came to visit my store. I'd been bugging my previous supervisor about a raise for some time, but that guy got demoted and removed from supervisory status and the owner is now my boss. I sent an email to him about 3 weeks ago just mentioning that the previous guy had promised me a raise after my 90 days was up and that I'd really appreciate it if he'd review my salary. I didn't write him again because I didn't want to be annoying the owner of the company and signer of my paycheck so I just left it to God. Today when my boss came he gave me a raise of $1 an hour. This is an extra $160 a check!

I also found out today that a man Brent and I asked to come and work on our movie shoot with as a photographer is still looking for what he calls a "video partner." Basically, he takes pictures at wedding and events, but he wants to get hooked up with someone to video tape it and cut together a nice DVD. Well, "coinsidenatly" Brent and I happen to own a very high end camera and Brent and I happen to want to do that sort of thing and I happen to be off most Saturdays - and all Saturdays by 5 and I happen to have a flexible co-worker so I can change around my schedule and I happen to have PTO that I need to take 60% of by September. Bill (photographer) wants to see some of our work and if he likes it, we'll go in full partnership basically and Brent and I will get to film all we want to for his existing customer base. Bill is rated one of the top photographers in Chattanooga and already has a customer base of over 1,000 people. Essentially, if this works out, Brent and I have waltzed into a goldmine doing exactly what we need to be doing - advancing our business in the way of camera work - and making a ton of money. Videographers at a wedding make anywhere from $200 - $2000 per job. I'd love to make $2000 a day on the side! What a way to pay off our debt and have some shopping money!!!

Oh, yeah. And the commission I make this month that was supposed to suck so badly because we missed our objective? Yeah. $375. I can handle that.

Needless to say (again), I will be tithing regularly. It amazes me that something so small can block or open the flow of mercy and blessing onto my poor little financial situations. It's so strange to me that God - the almighty most powerful (etc) - would care enough about me to have someone call me and take a post dated check, or have my employer give me a raise, or help me realize I dropped my credit card. Why would He care enough about me to do all that? It's simply incredible and I am going to stand up in church and give testimony to His faithfulness this week. I never thought a $15 tithe would change so much for me.

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  1. Beth,
    These are such precious stories! It really reminded me that we need to tithe, even if we don't know if we will make a cent the next month. Thanks for the reminder.
    The Lord has provided so much for me over my lifetime. When we were poor and couldn't afford food when I was a child, he always provided. When we were stuck on the highway with no money for gas, he provided. When Noah and I got home from Korea this past November, we checked out account it we had $6.82 cents to our name. We had to pay our mortgage in the next week and we were freaking out. (We really believed that Noah's brother needed us to visit him for depression problems so we just went and trusted.) When we got home we had an unexpected check that we had not thought we would get. God is amazing in small and big ways. Thanks for these posts! They are so wonderful to read. The videography thing sounds like the best opportunity in the world. Maybe you would be able to stay home with those children if it really took off.
    Love HJ