Friday, May 28, 2010

It has been 2 weeks...

It has been a full 2 weeks since I have blogged last. I have been working. Alot. My house is semi-clean, my yard is not -- I can't seem to keep up with it, the grass grows so dang fast! I need a rider lawnmower but alas. I have no money for such things.

I wish I could sit around and write my heart out but I have things to do. Today is my last day in the Cleveland store, I have been given Sales Lead (the non-titled manager) at the Hixson store (which is closer to the kids sitter) and I start there on Tuesday (I'm off all weekend). I have alot of cleaning up to do here before I take off because poor old Bob and Hope (she's awesome, but new) are gonna have to fight it out on their own and you know that is only possibly going to be a good thing...

more thoughts when i have time... keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts for today...

I am at work today, watching court shows. I am really facinated by the stupidity of these people on TV. The things they sue over, the things they feel they are entitled to, the things they think are reasonable. I wonder if I am really just off my rocker like these people sometimes :-)

I am trying to get used to the less sleep I'm getting. Technically I am in the bed for 9 hours but with Judah wanting to eat every 3 hours I'd say I'm really getting about 7 hours of sleep. Currently I'm sort of having to stay up with caffiene and sugar. Well, I guess that's what the deal is whenever you have 3 kids under 4.

I have the full weekend off... Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I am excited about that. I need time to sleep. that's about all I can think of right now.

We got our $750 for food on our card yesterday. I'm excited about that. I've been working out using cupons and shopping sales to maximize it. I also had fun with it yesterday. Ice cream, oreos, juice boxes. Great stuff. I'm also looking into getting internet at home because I can't print cupons at work but I keep finding awesome ones. AT&T is advertizing a $20/month internet plan so I'm looking into that too.

I'm brain dead this morning. I am speaking on Sunday morning and giving part of the sermon as a part of my leadership training. I am really good at speaking publicly, always have been, its natural for me. The only thing is I still don't know what I'm gonna talk about. I'd had a great idea about acting to resolve issues instead of ignoring them. But God spefically said "no, you aren't talking about that" and then I think I'm gonna be talking about obediance because you know, God was like "talk about obediance" and I was like "I don't want to talk about obediance" and then I was like "okay maybe I need this then" lol but theres so much I have to say about obediance that I haven't gotten it narrowed down to ten minutes and that's all I'm allowed to have. I need to write this mini-sermon and I also need to set up a powerpoint to go with it.... before Saturday (I don't have the right powerpoint at home).... But my brain hurts too much right now. Maybe later...

I have not much else to say. I'm tired.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unique and Different

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Over at Kelly's we have Show us your life: Baby names

Today I am excited to share the beautiful names my children have!!

My husband and I both have names that are beautiful (thanks mom & dad) but can be frusterating at times. My name is Elizabeth - my parents, family and friends call me Beth. Elizabeth is one of the most commonly used names for girls - across generations. Elizabeth is niether an old lady name or a new hip name, it's just a classic. Elizabeth is #11 on the list of most popular girl baby names, in 1982 it was #1, and has been rated on over 25,000 times. I'm sure you know several Elizabeth's (also Beth, Liz, Eliza, Lizzy, etc etc etc). And, there are countless more that the name is used as a middle name because it just goes nicely with almost anything. In fact, my Mom's middle name is Elizabeth.

Brent is named a frusterating name because it sounds like so many other things. Brett, for instance, is the most commonly what someone thinks is his name. It's so bad that Brent actually replies if someone says "Brett." He also was named Brent when his older brother was named Clint. Hows that for frusterating.

So, when we concieved our first child, we were set on a unique name. And, we like it so well that each of our children are named things that are different and special.

Our daughter (first child, now 3 1/2 years) is named

Darbie (Dar-BEE) has gotten a bit more popular after we'd chosen it. Apparently, the new Winnie-the-Pooh child is named Darby, but that was so after we picked this name. Origonally, I heard the name when I was 14 and went to visit a friend's family in Anderson, SC. We went to chuch with them on Sunday and there was a redheaded girl in our sunday-school class named Darby. I loved this name and remembered it. I even used it as a pen-name for some time, and when Brent and I met on the internet, that was the name I used frequently to protect my real name (because my parents wanted to be sure no crazy stalkers would come kill me). Darbie is our own personal verson of "Darby" which is more commonly a boy's name. If you look up the name spelled with the ie in a baby name site, it will not find anything usually. Darbie means "a new creation"

Alina (Ah-LEE-Nah) is still a rather rare name, though the close sounding names "Elaina" "Elaine" etc are more common. It means pure and noble. This name was commonly used in Russia for princesses and royalty. (how fun, right!) This is the name we call her by (though she knows Darbie is her name as well because she gets that one when she's in trouble or I need her to respond quickly)

Our first son (and second child, now 18 months) is named

Raziel (Raah-Zee-el) is incredibly uncommon. If you look this one up, its not even on the charts and most baby name sights have never heard of it. Brent claims he did not name our son after the only place I had ever heard of it (a terribly gruesome video game about a soul reaver) but that it is in the book of Revalation (I have yet to see it there, but whatever). It is the name of an archangel. It's also italian and means to be full of light. This is the name we call him by.

Alaxander (pronounced normally) is a more common name, we just spelled it funky to match his first name a bit more. Alaxander means defender or protector. We put this together with his first name meaning and say our son is the "Protector of the Light" and that is incredibly prophetic. My family was thrilled when we said we were using this middle name but terribly dissapointed when we shot down all attempts at calling him this name. Alex (no matter how spelled) is a common name and we didn't want to do that! (nothing wrong with it if you like common names, just not our thing)

Our second son (third child, 7 weeks now) was much harder to name. We batted around names forever and actually came up with the exact combonation about 2 weeks before he was born. He is named

Judah (joo-dah)is biblical but not used too often (like alot of biblical names -- John, Mark, etc). I thought of this name during the name-finding process and fell in love with it. Brent hated the name initially but has grown to like it since I wasn't faltering and he let me pick the name. Judah was one of the special tribes of Isreal - they were the tribe that followed David as king before all the others (along with Benjamin). This is also the tribe that Jesus was born to. Judah means "praised one" This is the name we call him by.

Malachi (mal-a-kye) is also biblical. This was the prophet that wrote the last book of the bible and closed the gap between the old testament and the new testament. The book of Malachi is the bridge between old things and new things, and it was prophesied over our son in the hospital that he would be one that did the same(cool!). Malachi means "messenger of God"

If we have another girl, we want to use the name Tamari
If we have another boy, we're in alot more trouble than the name!! :-)

When we are picking out a baby name, we think very carefully about what we will call them. The thing about the name you call your child is that the meaning is spoken over them every single day. What blessings do you want to say over your child repeatedly by everyone? In our case, we opted "Pure" for our daughter, "full of light" and "praised one" for our sons.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judah's Heart

We had an appointment at the Cardiologist today.

The VSD has closed and the cardiologist (and EKG machiene) can't hear the murmur anymore!!!

We have a follow up appointment when he is 6 months to check up on the aortic valve and the aorta itself. Since there's only 2 flaps in Judah's valve instead of 3, they will follow it through life and check on it every now and then to make sure he doesn't have any blockage. They will do an echocardiogram at 6 months to look and see how his aorta is growing in relation to his heart because sometimes with this disorder, the aorta doesn't grow at the right rate.

Besides that awesome news, the day has been dull. I spent an hour of wonderful lovely amazing time with Judah this morning at the doctor, he was cooing and yabbering and I was cooing and yabbering back at him. He is so vocal, I think he'll be like Alina in that respect. (Raziel is still using his like 5 word vocab and is content with that.) My hip has been hurting alot again and I didn't sleep much but I did hook up a bottle of mtn dew so I didn't fall asleep driving or on my lunch today.

Can't wait to get our food deposit on the 11th... we used all of our April up a bit early because we thought we wouldn't have time to use our new deposit (long story) and wanted to have as little money as possible on the card by then and room in the fridge.... so that (of course) means we're out of alot of the fun stuff (baked chips, fudge mint oreos, wheat thins, etc) and we're down to the things we have to take a few minutes to make as far as snacks are concerned. But, hey, I haven't bought groceries for 1.5 weeks so thats understandable. I've really not got anything to complain about because if it weren't for the FS we wouldn't have food, much less snacks. I'm enjoying having things to munch on though its a little odd... I don't remember having to beef up on eating so much when I was previously breastfeeding... but I've had to eat alot more to stay energized (and I'm still tired.) Brent said I may have just gotten used to eating more because I'm bored. I don't think so and it kinda made me feel bad that he thinks I'm eating because I'm bored.... because I've always been so careful not to... oh well..

well thats all for now

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hmmm I don't think so

Today I spent like 3 hours researching all the immunizations they give to kids at 2mos (and again at 4 and 6 mos). I got a list from my dr office and researched each one and wanted to share what I discovered!

Had I not read up, my kids would be over-immunizied for NO GOOD REASON!!

Ok so I'm not on the conspiracy wagon of no-shots-at-all. I mean, shots can be a good thing if they are done properly and you are educated. You're weighing the risk of the disease versus the risk of the side effects.

What am I suprised about?

2 shots that the doctor recommended (I won't be agreeing to these)
#1) Rotavirus

The Rotavirus vacciene is to prevent diarrhea, and the dehydration usually linked to it. Side effects include vomitting and diarrhea (LOL, it gets better). And, 1 in 3 children experience these side effects for a whole week after getting this shot!!! PLUS there have been 3 different brands of this shot taken off the market by the FDA in the last few years because of various severe issues with it. I'm not risking it and besides.... it just seems stupid to give my kids a shot that is said to prevent something it causes.........

#2) Prevnar

Prevnar is a shot to prevent pneumococcal infections (ie pneumonia, blood infection and meningitus. Ok, that's important. What they don't tell you is that the side effects include increased risk of ear infections from then on, increased risk of SIDS, and 21% of children under 4 get sick with a fever shortly after the shot. Well, okay, those might be minimal -- after all, there's risks of everything with everything just about. But, studies show breastfed babies DON'T NEED THIS SHOT because breastfeeding does the job that this shot is supposed to do! Oh, and wait, the biggest whammie of them all -- this shot is preventing the SAME things that the HIB shot is for............ double medicating when its not even needed for breastfed babies? That's stupid.

Shots that ARE important to get:
#1) DTaP (but NOT the DTP)
#2) Polio
#3) Hepatitus B

The one I'm not sure about...... Hib Influeoenza

It's to prevent meningitis, pnuemonia and blood infections as well as bone and joint infections. That's the same stuff Prevnar is for. I read all this stuff about the brands and how you need to get the one (HibTITER) that doesn't have aluminum or tetnus in it because those things are bad. Aluminum is poisonus and tetnus causes a baby form of alzheimers.... but the Prevnar was said to not be needed for breastfeeding babies. So wouldn't that be true of this to? But meningitis is serious. Something definitely to protect against. I guess I'll have to research some more.


This is lovely little Judah taking a nap. I love how chubby those cheeks are :-)

Alina and Raziel cuddling and watching TV. Aren't they getting big?

Judah zonked out in his crib

The gang... love my babies and their daddy.

Me and Alina chilling out with some girl time

Back to Work

Today I am back to work. It hasn't been bad. Yesterday was my first day back and I hated it. I wanted Judah with me, I didn't want to use an impersonal breast pump to feed my baby, I wanted to nurse him. I could complain all day about my manager but I'm trying to relax and honor my superiors (as Jesus did) more than beat them down behind their backs... which is really hard. Then we were an hour late to cell group because of the drive and such what-not so I was in a super bad mood about it... and then I dropped Brent off at work (oh, we share the suzuki now because the neon bit the dust finally) and had to go get him at 7AM this morning. Usually he drives himself and the times work okay for him to go to and from work and then for me to (since we work opposite shifts) but since we had cell group till 9:30 there wasnt time for us to go home and him to drive back to work by 10. We're trying to work out a new strategy for Mondays because I was so upset we missed so much and I only worked an extra 15 minutes late.

On the upside of the work side of my life, my breastpump is AWESOME. It's a double and its super quiet and it is concealed all nicely in this bag and looks like a messenger bag. Apparently these are common now, but I didn't know that. The last pump I borrowed from the health department was bulky and came in a big blue box and you had to carry a cooler as well and that was just akward to explain to your male co-workers. This pump all is hidden in this thing that may as well be a big purse, and it has a built in cooler and another compartment for all the pieces that attatch to the pump. I haven't had to inform any co-workers of what it is! Additionally, I am not going to be working in the Cleveland location anymore. In about 2 weeks, I am being moved to Hixon (which is about 20 minutes closer to my sitter). They are open 10-7 instead of 9-6 so I'll actually go in a bit later, and I'll get to work more house (I've been working 10-6 in Cleveland). And that equals better pay. And plus we're moving to individual comission and that means I'll make more money too because I'm a really good sales person. In the way of sales, I'm the honor role kid that got stuck in a class project with a group of failing students... the one that works more than the others but still gets the same grade.... :( But now I'll be recognized and paid for my own work.

Kids are doing great. Judah is 12 lbs and 9 oz at the doctor last - chubby boy. I had to put him in 3-6 mos and he's only 7 weeks. He's sleeping mostly through the night, and takes long naps during the day - in his crib. Its really wonderful. Well, I'm sure it is for the sitter anyway. In spite of this, I am exhausted. I am worn out. I am getting 5 hours of sleep (maybe). I almost fell asleep at the wheel like 4 times this morning. But. I'll adjust.
Alina has made a new best friend. There is a 7 year old little girl that moved in next door who has decided she adores Alina. Her name is Angel. Alina and Angel play together several times a week in our front yards. Angel is allowed in my house once in a while, but Alina doesn't go into theirs because I don't know this family that well. Her mom, Sheralynn, is nice. She gave me a ride into town once to pick up the suzuki because we had to have the alternator replaced in it... she's super talkative. Buuuuuuuut, I don't know the Step-daddy, and according to Sheralynn, her first hubby was a drug-adict sooooo (no offense to her) I really don't trust her judgement in men. Not enough to let my 3 year old in their house without Mommy or Daddy. Potty training is going beautifully. She has picked it up without much effort. She is begging me to wear real panties but I'm not ready for that yet - she still wets her pull up at naptime (not at night, I don't know whats the difference). And, she hasn't figured out how to poop in the potty. I think it has mostly to do with having the patience to sit on the potty long enough to have a bowel movement. (sorry, TMI I'm sure.) She has finally (almost) graduated to size 3T. The pants are still too big in the waist, but shirts and dresses need to be that size because the 2T size is FINALLY too little.
Raziel is bigger than ever. He is 18 months and is wearing 2T's. He and Alina could pretty much wear eachothers clothes if they needed to. He has his little schedule down pat and prefers to stick with it. He does really well with an organized lifestyle. He has decided Judah isn't too bad, but mostly ignores him. If Judah cried in the first week, Raziel would hit him and say "stop" or "no." It was too funny! (that's awful, I'm laughing because my 18mo old hits my newborn... I blame the exhaustion) Raz has settled down to sitting on him while I'm nursing (trying to), taking his pacie away when Judah actually wants it, and stealing every blanket or cover ever put on the child. They'll probably be best friends when they get big.

I am cuponing again. I am driving down the interstate a few exits down and buying the Atlanta paper on sunday because those cupons are the best. We FINALLY got our foodstamps and they are giving us $750 a month! That's waaay too much money, really. Tamara thinks it's probably so high because we have an infant and we are potentially buying formula. They didn't ask if I was breastfeeding on the paperwork. So we got a partial month for April ($300), and then we get it for may and june at least before we go over the income limit and loose it again. And, that means that I have $1800 to spend on food this summer. So I did what any frugal house-wife would do (although I don't think I qualify since I work) and I'm clipping cupons, shopping sales, and filing my pantry and my M-I-L's chest freezer with food that will keep for a while and planning not to have to really buy groceries til 2011 :0 because WIC pays for things like fruit, bread and milk that would go bad after a few weeks of waiting to be used and I don't pay for that either.

In other news, Brent is adjusting beautifully to his night shift job and has decided that it was God's handiwork to put him there and that he's glad of it. He is now surrounded by Christians and even has formed relationships with a few guys his age with families (and family values too!). He gets along superbly with his bosses and supervisors and all but one of them think he is awesome and that's really good. He even might be in line for a promotion (though he wouldn't get the raise until November because of that car he wrecked last November) He sleeps just fine now that we aren't there to make a ton of noise... he claims it didn't bother him when we were home but he also couldn't stop raving about how well he slept Monday (first day I went back to work).

Ok that's about all for now. I'm gonna do a seperate post soon with new pics of the kids. I'm so glad to be back blogging again.