Friday, June 19, 2009

Alina's Favorites

So today I am digital scrapbooking Alina's favorite things to do! Maybe you can get to know her better through this :-)

Alina's first favorite is playing with her aunts and cousins. She has a big family and loves to spend time with them. This picture is at the cabin Brent's grandfather rented for the family at New Year's 2009. She is so sweet here, poking her little tummy out. She was fascinated by the fact that she was so much higher than everyone and that she could see the top of Mommy's head.

Secondly, Alina loves books. Books about anything, as long as they have pictures. She specifically likes her Grover book about the monster at the end of the book. She also loves Veggie Tales books and books with animals (usually alphabet books with a lot of pictures). In this picture, Alina is sharing her love of reading with Raziel. It impresses me that she loves to read at such a young age!

Alina's next favorite thing to do is to watch movies - specifically "pirates" (Veggie Tales Jonah), "Ninja Turtles" (The teenage mutant kind), Sesame Street and Blues Clues. She loves to curl up in mommy and daddy's bed with her little brother and "snuggle" while she watches TV.

Another thing she heartily enjoys is "cooking." Brent's grandparents gave her a mini working microwave for Christmas this last year. It makes beeping noises, turns the little table inside and even lights up when its cooking her play food. This is a long time favorite of hers and everything she owns has been cooked at one point or another - be it play food, stuffed animals, Bob toys or even shoes and clothes.

And, it's no big surprise that she loves video games. She has a strong leading example in her daddy on that one. Last night, she got so angry at Alisha because Alisha took the controller from her. Alina started yelling and crying because she was trying to play Spiderman with her daddy. (Of course I was cooking so I don't really know what transpired because I will always hear the prejudiced version) But in retrospect to the fit she threw, I thought it was actually very sweet because Alina's not even actually playing, she just thinks she is and she sits on the couch with Brent playing Spiderman.

And like any good little girl, Alina loves to talk on the phone. She likes to talk to her Nene, Daddy, and Baba mostly. And, when they are not available for conversation, she regularly calls Grover, Bob, Junior and Mr Snuffleupagus. It's very sweet and she loves to converse about things like her brother or what she has done that day.

And this is another one of her favorites. Yelling, screaming and making noise in general. Gee... wonder where she got that ;-)

And her last favorite thing to do is Story time. Every night, she no longer wants mommy to rock her and sing to her. She wants her daddy (or sometimes mommy) to tell her a bedtime story. Most of the time, she wants to hear a story about the Grapes from Veggie Tales. And most of the time, she will tell you a story back. It never makes sense, but its very sweet. She's getting so big.

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  1. I used to read to KB just like that when I was little In the crib and everything. Sweet post today!