Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girl Time

Last night, Alina and I made a deal. Since Daddy was going to be out late shooting a movie, we decided to have a girl's night.

We had triple chocolate ice cream for dinner and snuggled in mommy's bed until 11pm (bedtime is 9) and watched a Muppet Movie. We had sweet tea and snuggled and whispered about the movie. She calls Gonzo "Grover" because he's fuzzy and blue. She also was excited to see Kermit the frog in the movie. She was very excited to talk to me about miss piggy as well, whom she called by name.

Well, Daddy was supposed to be out til about 2am but got home at 11pm because none of the guy's actors showed up. So, he came in to me and Alina cuddling on the bed watching TV. I thought it was just the sweetest thing, really. She was so happy to spend time just me and her and I was glad to have time to focus on her.

This morning Raziel woke up and called for me. He stands up at the end of his bed and hollers just like Alina does now. I think its precious. Alina even crawled up in the bed and stood next to him and they both laughed and laughed until they fell over.

I may be tired, but I love my babies. They make my life wonderful.

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