Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending the year

Well today is going to be a loooooooooong 9 hour shift. I am so ready for my vacation! I'm going to be on vacation for almost 2 weeks -- its 10 days altogether. I am so ready to get my house back, spend some time with the kids, and decorate my living room. I'm ready to see Tamara again (whom I haven't hung out with in a while because we're both so busy) and I'm ready to just kick back and chill some.

When I get home tonight, I have to pack for our trip to Florida. Starting at 5:30 or 6:00 tomorrow morning, we'll be making the 8 hour haul to FL to spend new years with Brent's family. We do this every year and I am so excited to do it again!

This is our family last year at New Years. How little the children look!!

The kids are getting soooo big!!

Adorable, aren't they? And so grown up and big!

I snapped this of Brent and Judah last night -- they were so precious I couldn't help myself :-)

OMG guys! I've been blogging for over a year and I JUST REALIZED that you can click the "compose" tab in the top right corner of yor posting box and SEE THE PICS and the text all together!! I've been editing the HTML for all this time, clicking "preview" to see what order my pics uploaded in! I feel so silly! And somehow, writing in this tab feels wrong... Idk what to say over here. Ok I'm clicking back to HTML (lol)

Well, I have alot to do tonight. We have to locate the gift we have for Kenneth. We picked out something AWESOME for him but Brent hasn't looked for it (he knows where it is, he just hasn't physically laid hands on it, you know?). And I need to wrap that and the stepping stone we are making for Nana's garden for Judah. A few years ago - right before we got pregnant with Raziel - all the grandchildren made a stepping stone for Nana's garden. Brent and I made one together, it had a ladybug and a spider on it. Alina "made" one as well - it was pink and sparkly and had her handprint and name on it. We also made one with Raziel the following year, and this year we need to make one for Juju. Its kinda fun to paint them all detailed and stuff, but I'm just going to masking-tape and spray-paint this sucker and get it done. I'm going to trace Juju's hand onto paper, cut it out, and lay it on the stone so we get the absence of paint for his handprint. I thought that was creative. I finally got all the shopping done for the harder relatives a week or two ago. And all of that has been wrapped for a while now, in a box where Raziel can't open it ahead of time :-)

But tonight, I have alot of work to do. I need to locate (wash and dry if needed) nice clothing for our trip, pack all clothes and toiletries as well as presents and toys and food for the 8 hour (per way) car trip we're taking. I also need to vacuum out the car and move the stroller and the other odds and ends out of the car to make as much room as possible for the items we will need to bring back home. I was hoping our station wagon would be ready to go... let me call that guy.... yeah, headgasket... itll be a few weeks... *sigh* and several hundred dollars. OK, its not so bad though. We've replaced (counting this) every expensive thing in this car so we should be okay for a while. LOL. Its important to us to have a big car, and it'll be cheaper to have this rebuilt then to go buy one.

Anyway. I haven't even kind of started on all that I need to do for this trip. I've been working late nights (thanks holiday extended hours) and sleeping as much as possible to try and alleviate the stress of said late nights. I haven't really got food in the house, I don't know where the floor of my bedroom has dissapeered to, and my children's room and playroom has become a lost cause. I need to get a few big boxes of their toys out to the shed for storage to pull out later, but I haven't had time/energy/motivation to do that either.

*sigh* I so need this vacation. And I feel a little bad for taking this big long vacation and not traveling to see my family in Charleston, but #1) I can't afford it and #2) I need time for my own little mini-family and my home. There's all sorts of things I haven't had time to do and I'm ready to get on that list and get em done!

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  1. Well, we will miss you but it makes perfect since. I love being at home and relaxing so I can only imagine how much you are looking forward to it:) You shouldn't have to travel your whole vacation time anyway, one trip should be plenty. Hopefully you will be able to get things in order at home and spend some much needed time with your children and your husband:) Don't feel bad about not coming, we totally understand. Have fun in Florida! And we'll have a trip planned and see you soon (judging how quickly this year has gone by).