Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stressful Week

Well, as my vacation drew to a close (ill blog about it later) i was somewhat ready to get back to work. I was ready for things to get back to normal. Sure I'd miss the kids but its life.

Sunday night we got 8 inches of unexpected snow. Brent was sent home from work mid-evening so he wouldn't get stuck in the ice (GA is funny because its not that we have that much more ice or snow than anyone in fact a bunch less, its that we aren't equipped to handle it. no snow plows or shovels or stakes for our tires.) He gets 3 miles from home and the car totally cut off and won't crank. The tarus is already in the shop with a bad headgasket, waiting for the mechanic to get around to it. We have it towed and a nice random person gives Brent a ride home in the snow.

We're stuck Monday and Tuesday. The roads aren't cleared until late Tuesday evening. We can't get out even if we had a car. My employers are understanding. The stores are opening late anyway, everyone is having the same problem.

Wednesday I convince a co-worker to come and pick me up since my Mother in Law still won't drive (VERY frusterating). Around 1pm the guy finally gets to my house -- the new guy they just hired. Talk about akward -- a 40 minute drive with someone i've never met before. I get to work and its normal. Nothing interesting to report really except that the new employee, Michael, seems to know a substantial amount about me as if he has grilled the existing staff or they've been volunteering way too much info. My other co-worker, Bob, is seemingly pissed off with me because Jimmy was fired although that happened on my vacation and (while I anticipated it) I had nothing to do with it.

Thursday I have to wait on Pam to get back from court (she had a ticket for having her dog loose in the neighborhood). Court started at 8am. She got back at 12. My boss was flipping out. I'd told him that I had to wait on her but niether of us anticipated it to take 4 hours. When I finally got to work, I was told to cut overtime that one employee was gaining quickly. I told Bob that he'd need to make arrangements to leave at 4pm so he could cut some overtime. He pitched a HUGE fit about how he's been here all week and its not his fault and he should get to keep that overtime (basically). I mostly say that I don't care and he needs to cut that extra time. There were enough other staff members that there was no reason for him to work extra hours. He sent an email to my boss. My boss told him to go home at 5:30 and we'd discuss in the AM. I sent an email to my boss following this that basically said that things were never going to get better if he didn't back me up on decisions like that. (remember Bob used to be my boss but he sucked at it and now I'm his boss). John (our DM, my boss) told me he understood. In the midst of all this? Bob went home at 2 for lunch and never came back. Friday he told me I said to do that. I didn't say to leave at 2 -- in fact Michael (other guy) and I were texting him trying to figure out WTH he went!

Friday was busy at work - thankfully. John instructed me to ignore the elephant in the room until he could talk to Bob. It was stressful. Friday night I get home and have a letter from the IRS saying I misreported my 09 taxes and owe them $1023. I cry and go to bed.

Today I am already stressed. Both cars are in the shop. I owe the IRS alot of money potentially and idk why. I depend on others to get to and from work. I can't even haul off trash or go to the store. I'm a sitting duck. Brent and I have been fighting off and on since I'm so stressed out about it. I feel like I can't ever get ahead! I am so tired of trying and working hard and doing everything I can and not making any progress. Oh yeah, and not making any progress on the film -- our camera is out for repair but the place we took it can't fix it --- its complicated. I hate the cold. I'm tired of the snow. I want my cars back. I want to go to church in the AM (aint happening).

*sigh* My ride should be here soon. I get to be an hour early to work. I'll blog more probably once I get there.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this:(
    Why doesn't Pam drive?
    Why is Bob still employed there?
    And don't worry about the arguing thing, when I get stressed out or when David does we often argue a lot. In that case, the storm before the calm.