Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Preperations

So I've started to get things done!!

The kids Christmas shopping (and bringing presents from Lisa's) is officially finished. I am officially finished shopping for Brent as well. I have finished a significant amount of shopping for extended relatives as of yesterday. I still need to finish up for Becca, Momma, Clint, my Dad and Alisha. Everyone else? Oh yeah, they're finished and wrapped! holla!!

The trees are up and decorated. The stockings are hung. Well 2 are. LOL. The other 3 will be up soon as I unbury them from the laundry on the couch.

Alina and Raz's room has been cleaned. The old rickity bunk bed they were progressively breaking into bits has been taken apart and removed, the new toddler bed Lisa got for us has been assmebled and put in. The dangerously rickety shelves were removed. New shelves for the closet have been purchased (not installed yet...). The playroom has been started and I'm making progress. I have brought the new shelves in there (lower and wider and therefore a lower center of gravity = less likely to be pushed/pulled over) I have alot of the toys picked up, alot of the others put in a give away box.... (If anyone wants a big box of kids toys for Christmas, I'll be happy to send them to you) I still have some work to do in that room but we're making progress.

The living room has been picked up, a significant amount of the stuff we're giving away has been hauled away (well I put it in the station wagon which promptly broke down but anyway). I still have a ton of laundry to do but its making a nice pile on the couch which I'll get to... eventually....

I got the kitchen sink unclogged and started plowing through the dishes that had piled up... and then this morning the water was off because they're doing utility work :-( I'll get there before Sunday when we have Alina's party.

I can't believe my little baby is about to be 4.... I have to make a post about that :-)

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