Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Christmas morning, the kids woke up before it was light out, but they didn't think it was christmas yet because the sun wasn't up therefore it wasn't Christmas yet (whoohoo! lets hope that trend stays for a few years). Brent went in there with the kids and watched some TV with them for an hour or so and then he told Alina that it was Christmas and she should go wake me up. She told him it wasn't Christmas because it was still dark and he actually had to talk her into waking me! LOL

Anyways, when we finally got up and moved into the living room and we settled in.

First we opened stockings. Raziel wouldn't hold still long enough to take a good picture, but this is him showing us his candy.

Raziel and Alina LOVE this little power wheels jeep. Raziel sits in the jeep and rolls his little cars around in the seat of it.

This is mid-morning, we had to stop and pick up some of the wreckage before we could get through the other half (yes, I said half!) of the presents. (Sorry its blurry)

This is Alina and Raziel playing on their powerwheel and trike, while Brent hovers to make sure no one hits anyone else's car. -- they thought it would be fun to play bumper cars :-)

Judah hung out in his little thingy and was happy playing with toys and eating cherrios.

Then we went over to Nene's and opened presents with the in-laws. I got a few cute pics of Raziel with Nene but not anything good of the other two.

Altogether we had a very nice Christmas. Brent did very well for me this year - How I met your Mother (season 1), Blue Ray copies of a few good movies, a Twiglight ornament, a heated blanket (WHOOHOOO!), a new body pillow, the host (by stephanie myer), Evermore (another of that kind of book, its REALLY good), something else (can't remember right now) and a Custom version of loveopoly. That last one was very sweet because I made him a copy of Monopoly when we were still dating - called Buetifulopoly -- custom locations, customized board, etc. He basically did the same sort of thing. Instead of "go to jail" its "go to therapy" (LOL). Theres wedding photos of us on the board, all of the various locations are special to us as a couple. It made me cry. I was so happy :-)

Its such a happy happy day

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  1. Love the loveopoly:) So sweet of him. So glad to hear ya'll had such a lovely Christmas!