Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shutterfly Cards

This year I'm sending Christmas cards from Shutterfly!! I spent ages looking around on their site and finally opted to send this one:

I love the light wintery blue color! I know most of my family will not see snow this year because they live on the beach so maybe sending them a bit of snowy winter wonderful will lighten their season... and if not the cute pics of the kids will!!

I haven't decided if I'm going to do a big family photo or one photo each of the kids... I'm thinking the big one will be a family photo (if I can get someone to take a few pics of us) and then the little ones up top I'll do one of Alina and Juju and the other of Raziel. Alina and Juju pose well together so they're easy. I usually have to crop out photos of Raz to get something that works. We took photos FOREVER at sears before we got something that worked.

Brent wants to use this photo of the kids. I like it but Alina's face is a bit blurry and hard to see... I might try to re-duplicate the photo and take it again... and maybe include a cute pic of me and Brent.... but then I have a 3rd photo slot... so maybe not.... hmmm idk.

Anyway, while I'm on the subject of Christmas cards, if you want to do a Christmas card, Shutterfly has a really good deal on cards! Sending a card is a nice way to say Merry Christmas without having to spend alot of money! Most of the cards are 90c to $1.10 so if you have like 25 or 30 printed you've only spent $25ish! Then, you know, you pay for envelopes and stamps but that's not so bad.

So check it out here

And they also do that cool change your photo to a canvas thing which I absolutely think is an adorable way to display nice photos -- maybe a wedding portrait or a lovely family photo... They've got those here

And then I stumbled across the cutest thank you notes they make here

I thought this would be really cute to send as a baby shower thank you once baby comes! Get a newborn photo of baby and send thank yous? tooo cute! I wish I'd known about those when I had Judah!!!

Anyways - I hope you all get some Shutterfly photo cards this year because I want to get some photos of you guys!

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