Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 days til Christmas

Today has been busy at work. Today I am sleepy, laid back, and ready for my vacation (December 31st to January 10th). Today, I am ready to be done with all the silly little needs of the silly little people who come in today for phone issues instead of spending time with their families. I just want to be at home with mine.

This morning, I was a tad late to work - but it was nice. I laid in bed nursing and snuggling with Judah, then got up and dressed Alina and Raziel, spending our ritualistic 10 minutes hidden in the hall bathroom with the heater going. I had started this little routine a few weeks ago and really am enjoying it. I lock Alina and Raziel in the little bathroom with me, and we all get dressed and brush our teeth together, brush hair, etc. Its really pretty nice because first thing like that they are both in a good mood, tickled pink to be spending quality time with their mommy.

This week (and month as a whole) there are ALOT of my friends that are having babies. Jennifer (Miolen) is in labor right now with Colin. According to FB she was at 5cm about an hour ago. Jennifer (Birtwistle) is having Caleb via c-section tomorrow (he's breech). Tosha is due any day now, Connie is at 36 weeks, Helen Joy is due soon, Katie Beth in a few weeks, Veronica any day now----- you get the idea. Anyway, I think this is the first time I have been happy that I'm not having one right now too. I am so content with my little Juju and Alina and Razzy. I am so glad to have my kids at their 3 diverse stages and I just am happy.

Judah is in one of my favorite stages. (Funny you have to say "one of my favorite" when you have multiple kids lol) He's snuggly. He wants his mommy (ALWAYS). He is in the nursing stage that he nurses for comfort and to be close to mommy (not just for nutrition.) He is scooching and eats things with his hands. He sits up and loves playing with toys. The only frusterating thing is when I have to get things done, he wants to stay with me and HE'S HEAVY!

Raziel is also precious; He is starting to talk more persistently, though you have to listen closely for it. Idk if he's just still learning to talk or if he's gonna have a cute little accent and lisp, but he talks none-the-less. Things like "because I said so" and "good job" and "careful buddy." Things we say to him all the time. He's becoming a better share-er. He is becoming obediant - he does what he's told. "Raziel, give Alina that toy back." He does it. He is rough and tumble. He loves food. He loves milk. He loves any toy his sister has. He is excited about Christmas -- he is starting to realize what's going on with this big tree and all the presents underneath it. He wants to be JUST LIKE Alina. As soon as she's done with something - like her new bike for instance - he's on it, trying to do what she did. Its adorable.

Alina is getting soooo big. She's talking coherently, in full structured sentances. She carries on conversations. She is so smart too! She schemes -- for instance "Daddy, Razy climbed over the baby gate, so he doesn't get candy, right?" "Yes honey." "Daddy, can we open a little present?" "sure." (its candy) "Daddy, Razy can't have any so I don't have to share, right?" LOL She is such a mommy too. She tells me if they hurt themselves, she wants to help me make dinner, she wants to drink coffee (no, she's not allowed.) and she says she's big enough now to do (practically everything) because she's 4.

Well. I guess I just wanted to say I love my kids.

And I can't wait for Christmas with them. Its gonna rock. This year will be a little different than normal. We usually have Christmas Eve with Steve and Becca and Jessie but this year we're waiting til the 28th so we can have it with Clint (Brent's older brother). And, since Christmas is SO big for the kids this year, Brent and I are having our couply christmas on Christmas Eve. So this year, we are having Christmas on Christmas Eve for me and Brent, then Christmas Morning with the kids. Once they're all finished, we head across the street as usual to Nene's to have Christmas with Pam and the girls. The 28th we will have Christmas at my house with Clint and Steve and the girls (again), and then the 31st we'll head to Florida to have Christmas with Nana and Poppa Huggins and all the extended relatives on Pam's side. We stay there usually just 2 days but we might stay a 3rd day this year. We will see.

I'm excited. Very very excited.

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