Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My house is a WRECK!!!

My house is SOOOOOOO MESSY right now!! I haven't had time off without guests / things to do in out in town like 3 weeks! I have so much to clean and I have got to get it done before Christmas because almost all of my family is talking about coming before/during/after Christmas holidays. Idk if anyone is actually coming but I will say that my kids play room is so messy they aren't allowed to play in there and it was that way when Grandaddy came to visit, I just kept the door shut (which doesn't actually shut because they broke it off its hinges and when I put it back in it somehow is too big now and won't actually close.......)

My bedroom is nice and neat. I swept the floor, the shelves are straightened, etc. We have a live Christmas tree in the corner, elegantly decorated with little silver balls, funky shaped bell type things, and snowflakes, along with a nice deep blue ribbon acting as a garland. The white lights light it up and make the whole thing sparkle against all that glittery silver. Its really lovely.

The remainder of the house? hah. The drain in the kitchen is clogged because someone's husband forgot to put a bowl in the sink to drain hamburger grease into and poured the drainings from 2lbs of cooked meat straight down the sink. Then when I ran the dishwasher, the water came back up the sink and eww... so the kitchen is a wreck because we keep forgetting to buy drain-o and I can't do dishes in the dishwasher or the sink. And then we have about 20 loads of laundry on the couch and living room floor... and the babys play room I can't even get into....

and their bedroom really needs to be re-vamped because they keep breaking into the playroom and getting pieces of Raziel's (now dissasembled) crib to use as ladders to get up in the top of Alina's closet. And that REALLY frusterates me because I had a box of keepsakes for her up there -- tickets from her first trip to the circus, ultrasound pics, along with other various things.... and she keeps getting into it and half the stuff has been lost/torn up. And that really upsets me.

I'm trying to figure out what to chunk and what to keep. I need to haul off this old kitchen set they tore up specifically because they're getting a new one for Christmas.... and I'm going to sort through their toys and donate a bunch to charity since they are getting a bunch of new ones. I also need to move things - like that crib - out to the storage shed so they don't break it.

I hate having to take things away so they don't get broken. But even down to books I had as a kid have been ruined because Raziel went on a book destroying streak and those were the first to go.

It makes me SO mad when I find newly ruined things. I just don't know what to do about it. I'm going to probably take some big trash bags and put Brent's collectables in them and move them to the storage shed... and the other things we don't want them getting into... I'm just frusterated. It doesn't matter how much I clean, they still manage to ruin everything.

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