Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today is December 2nd!
23 more days till Christmas!!


And I am VERY proud to say --
I'm almost totally done with my Christmas shopping!!

Alina - DONE
Raziel - DONE
Judah - we want to get one or two little things for him, but most of it is done.
Brent - I need to get 3 more things for him :-) but the majority is done

Brent's family -- Completed; Steve. Scot. Kourtney.
Need to finish: Kenneth, Donna, Momma, Jessie and Becca (wow... more than I thought)

My family -- Completed: Mom, David, Sarah.
Need to finish: Alisha, Timothy, Dad.

OK so maybe its not nearly as finished as I thought it was... but the extended family is different. I have ideas for everyone except Aunt Donna who I drew for New Years -- that's hard because apparently she likes Nascar and cuponing but she's one of those people that already has her cupon binder with hundreds of cupons so idk what to do for her! I don't want to be lame and uncreative and Nascar stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!!

and I totally can't wait for my 50 free Shutterfly cards becuase I'm sending those to the grandparents and friends. I would normally print photos and send them but that gets expensive too so free shutterfly cards = free prints. WOOHOO!!

Are you ready for Christmas yet??

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