Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm dreeeaaaaming of a whiiiiiiiite Christmas

juuuuust like the one's I never knew!!!!! Where the churchbells are ringing and children singing and no one has ever seeen snooooooooooow.

Well, 2 days left til Christmas. I am practically beating Brent off from the presents with a stick - he's been saying its Christmas Eve since yesterday (lol) because he wants to open more presents. I am excited too, but I really enjoy sitting down and opening them all at once on Christmas and just loving it.

Lisa came over last night with yet ANOTHER load of toys... this load included a play yard (not a playpen, a little fenced in thingy that you set on the floor...), a dora jeep
and a john deer tractor thingy that looks alot like this;

That in addition to baby doll high chair and carseats, 2 bags of stuffed animals, 3 toy boxes full of random stuff, etc etc etc etc etc

I thought I was done wrapping. HAH.

Mommy is going shopping for some BIG toy bins that seal up real well and a few days after Christmas, I'm taking a bunch of the toys they aren't as excited about and putting them back for once they break a bunch of the new ones they got. (it's inevitable, may as well plan for it)

Theres several really cute little dump trucks for Raz, theres a few play seat things for Judah, theres gobs of baby doll stuff for Alina.... although I anticipate the biggest things brought last night will be the hits of the day - power wheels? Are you kidding? Of course she's gonna be excited!!!!!

So I'm pretty glad Brent has to work tonight because he hates wrapping presents and I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it, so I can do it while he's working tonight and tomorrow night.

Looks like I'll have to take another picture of my living room when I'm all done wrapping because I'm pretty sure I WONT have any more living room left!

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