Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

I have a TON of pictures so I'm gonna break it up into snow pics and another blog for Christmas. Christmas morning we woke up and we were enjoying the morning opening presents and so on, Brent and Alina go into her bedroom to move some toys and they look out the window- and its snowing!! We got a total of 5 inches - it snowed ALL DAY. Enough snow that we ran around and played, then went over to Nene's and when we came back our footprints were covered up! It was AWESOME. That's the first time I've had a White Christmas, also the kids' first and Brent's first! News people said it was the first white Christmas we'd had in 40 years here.

Brent and I were so happy, it was the best day ever.

The kids and Brent and Jessie were all walking around making footprints. (Yes, she's wearing shorts, leggings, a robe and slippers.) It was the best temperature for snow -- it stayed right at freezing all day so it didn't melt, but there wasn't a wind chill or anything so it was actually really nice to stay outside and play in it.

Judah loved the snow - he thought it was awesome. I remember it snowed once when Alina was a baby, and another time when Raziel was a baby... maybe its because Judah is older than they were or maybe he's just tougher because he's chubbier (lol) idk, but he thought it was great. He was angry when we tried to leave him inside. He wanted to be out there with us too.

This is Brent throwing a snowball at me. We had a bunch of snowball fights, we had a blast!

This is Judah looking out the window, laughing at Brent pelting the door with snowballs

This is Alina

And this is Raziel

Aren't they so cute bundled up?

We still have a ton of snow today

I thought this was really cool -- the house is warm so the underside of the snow melts and starts to drip, but then it re-freezes as it moves away from the house and voila -- icecicles.

I had to take a picture of this -- anytime I see pictures of snow, its piled up on some kind of evergreen bush or tree. So when we got enough snow for it to pile up on my bush, I thought it was AWESOME and had to take a photo to share.

Well, I enjoyed this snow so much that I can't describe it all in one post, but that was my best shot at it.

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  1. You are lucky:) We got snow the day after but it didn't stick like last year. It flurried some the morning after Christmas then got heavier as the day went on. It only really stuck after the sun went down, and there wasn't enough to stay too long. By the afternoon of the 27th it was all gone:(