Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!

When I was a kid I would wish you a Merry Christmas eve's eve's eve (and so on) all the way up to like a week before Christmas. I was always SO thrilled to say Merry Christmas Eve when today finally got here.

The last few years I have been only relatively excited in light of Christmas. idk, its just not the same for adults. This year, with the HUGE pile under the kids' tree and several excitingly shaped boxes under our tree (including one big one for me that doesn't fit under the tree.... a down comfoter perhaps?) I am very very very excited!

Alina is beyond excited. Brent told her yesterday (teasing) that he thought she had too many presents and so he should take some back. Poor little thing started picking up presents and saying "no daddy!" She was trying to save all her presents -- I wish I had seen it. Brent laughed for ages, and Alina (once she realised he was kidding) had a good laugh too.

She got a little haircut last night - its almost a bob. There will be pictures up soon whenever I get stuff up for Christmas morning. It curves so nicely around her face, but I layered it a bit and it is a bit longer in the back so we can still put it up if we need to. Raz got a trim too -- he giggled and kept scrunching his neck up so its a bit rough around his ears but it looks good. I should've trimmed Judah's too around the ears but didnt get to it before I needed to lay them down for bedtime.

We were REALLY busy at work for a while -- I started this blog at 10 am and now (4:15pm) is when I'm finishing it. I sold 7 phones and Bob sold one and then its 4 and we don't even have bill payers or repairs. Its nice to be slow like this so we can get outta here and go home to celebrate Christmas.

Brent and I are having Christmas tonight. He asked if I wanted to wait till 12:01am and I said no -- I want to sleep tonight so when the kids get up at 5am and start screaming about the power wheels in the living room, I can get up too. He said that was probably true so we opted to do our Christmas immediately after bedtime (around 7pm).

Well its 4:30 already and I gotta get the store closed down before 5 so ttyl guys! Merry Christmas!!!

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