Monday, November 29, 2010

Yeah I'm back...

Well at least kind of... I want to be back but I am not making any promises.

Here's a kids update:

Alina will be turning 4 in about 3 weeks. She's potty trained (still the occasional accident) and loves wearing panties. She is a total mommy to her brother and thinks she is a grown up. Some days she gets really childish, but many times I can carry on a rather mature conversation with her. Good Morning Mommy, Good Morning Alina. How are you Mommy? I'm good, did you sleep okay honey? It was kind of cold. Mommy, do you think we can get some heat in my room?


Raziel continues to NOT talk. He can talk... he says things like "because I said so" and other things he hears Alina say. He calls Alina "Nah" and Judah is "ju" and every adult "daddy". He also says "woah, woah!" if he wants you to stop something (like we do before he's about to leap off of something) and "help" if he wants to be picked up. He's hysterical!

Judah is getting big! He's fat, he's crawling, and he has 4 teeth, all on bottom. He's my snuggle bug and loves his mommy. He's the worst Momma's boy EVER.

We set up our tree, we have presents under it (the kids were adopted by a family at Church) and we had a lovely thanksgiving with Brent's dad and my dad. I am in a consistant state of worn out and that's why I haven't blogged faithfully.

I also have another blog that my church links to weekly, so when I do get time, I'm usually blogging there.

Love you all :-)

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  1. They are so precious! And growing up so much! Glad you're back!