Monday, March 1, 2010

Another OB Appt

Bright and early to the OB at 8:20 and boy was she suprised to see me, still pregnant, waltzing through the office to see her. OK, I have to admit I'm suprised too. But, baby's heartbeat is strong, blood pressure is normal, negative on the strep B test.... and checked at 3 cm and the cervix is much more presented than it had been last week. (they always complain about how hard it is to reach before I'm ready to deliver)

Cheryl says I'll have him soon. She's suprised I didn't have him the other night when I went to the hospital for 6 hours. I was too. She said that if I make it to next weeks appointment, she'll go ahead and schedule an appointment at the hospital to break my water. Since I'm already a 3rd of the way there, why not, right?

Brent and the kids are coming to have lunch with me today at work. I'm excited. I love having lunch with the fam when I'm working. I scoured the house top to bottom yesterday - Brent says nesting must have kicked in. I even dusted the ceiling fans and brushed away cobwebs from the ceiling. I figure it was my last chance to really clean. All the dishes, all the laundry, even old cuboards I'd avoided cleaning out for the last 6 months. It's all clean now.

Today I'm sick to my stomach. I must've eaten something that isn't setting right. Or I'm in labor. Never know. I am at 3 cm after all. I'm hot then cold too. Wonderful, right? Still just waiting. I'm not gonna sit at the computer much today - the stool has no back. I'm gonna have to sit in the chairs in the service center because they have support. I feel pretty crumby right now but I hope that's the start of a good thing.


  1. That's amazing. It took a whole day of intense painful contractions to get to 3. I hope it's soon for your sake! How exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear the news that he's here!
    Do you do natural births?
    And I have a little exciting (not quite public yet news) myself:-) I'm having another baby due the end of October!

  2. Now its a little public HJ, lol. Congrats.
    Beth, I am glad to hear things are moving along at least a bit. I am hoping he comes soon for your sake:)

  3. Yeah to the natural... well, what I call natural anyways. I don't use an epidural and I plan to deliver vaginally unless there's a problem. I do let them give me IV pain killers to take the edge off the pain, and they usually break my water... I'm using a midwife for this pregnancy as I did last time and I really like that vs a doctor, but I do deliver in the hospital L&D because I'm really not for all that mess at home (even though I know the midwife cleans it all up and everything). So natural in a non-natural enviornment I guess.

  4. Oh, PS HJ, #2 is SOOOOO much easier.