Friday, March 12, 2010

Info on Inducing

So... I called my OB since I was freaking out. I talked to a nurse. She said she was sorry no one explained everything the other day when they scheduled my induction.

She said really that with 2 sucessful, positive delivery experiences, this should be cake. Basically, they'll start me on the pitocin just to efface my cervix - since its already dialating. She said they probably won't have to do anything extra - like using gells to soften or strip it - to get it to efface. She said really that Judah just isn't interested in coming for some reason so they're gonna give me some pitocin to kickstart the labor and she doesn't think they'll even have to give me that much of it to get things going. Once my body realizes it needs to deliver this baby, things will go along just like clockwork and baby will come right along.

She also said that the reason that they're inducing - since there aren't any issues besides my recent weightloss - is that research is showing more and more babies that are carried to the actual 40 week mark and after are having issues moreso than babies that come at 38 or 39 weeks. (I'm at 39 as of Monday). Alot of babies get too big, they run out of amniotic fluids, and a chance for a c-section is actually increased every day the baby stays in there past due. More and more OB's are opting to induce labor a technical week early because its better for mom and baby.

I asked her about the difference between breaking my water or starting me on pitocin. She said its basically apples and oranges - some doctors perfer one to the other. In our case, Dr Stucky wants to start me on pitocin and get my body doing its thing so things can be as natural as possible. Breaking my water too early could cause infection or increase risk of a c-section if baby doesn't want to come... he's not worried about me personally, its just the way he does it.

Altogether, the nurse said to plan to have baby that day. This made me laugh. Really? isn't that the point?!?! But basically, what I needed to hear, I got to hear. I needed someone to look at my medical charts and history and say "honey, this should be cake" and "they're really just gonna give you a little bit to start things, and your body will take over and do its thing" and "your medical history for delivery is really good - your gonna take really well to this whole process and it should be quick."

I guess I'm relaxing a little bit. I'm trying to stay low-key today.

Although I found it very amusing because my boss had a little meeting with me and the other girl who's taking over for me about new expectations and numbers and performance and such.... and how it was gonna happen in this location.... I tried to pay attention, honest, but I'm not even coming back to this location after the baby comes -- I'm going to Dalton. So I am here for today and tomorrow and then taking off 6 weeks and then working in a bigger store... so why even include me in the conversation? I don't know. Oh well.

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