Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remembering to be Thankful

So after my ranting and raving this morning I'm sitting here at work where it's quiet and peacefull and people aren't coming in much at all. I'm sitting with my feet up in the service area trying to relax and catching up on reading assigned from Bible study and what do you know, God makes it a point to mention thankfulness. Of course, I'm instantly convicted. So I'm blogging again.

1) I'm thankful that my pregnancies are full term and my babies are born healthy - that I don't have any issues besides my discomfort. There are alot of moms that can't have babies or that have issues like this for the full term of their pregnancy. I'm thankful I don't have problems like that.

2) I'm thankful to have this baby. I'm thankful that God has blessed us again, for a 3rd time, with a beautiful little child to strengthen our marriage and expand our family.

3) I'm thankful that my children are so sensitive to my aches and pains and when I don't feel well they pray for me. I'm thankful that my children are respectful and I have learned how to really handle them and teach them to be who they are and who they should be.

4) I'm thankful that I am supported by an awesome husband who cares deeply about me and who stays tired and exhausted but keeps a positive additude and reminds me about the best for me and the best for the baby and the best for our family.

5) I'm thankful that my job is relaxed and my supervisors are understanding. Many places of work would not let me leave at a moments notice because I might be in labor, or there might be something wrong. My last place of work required that I stand - until I went on leave. That was really tough. I'm thankful that I've been moved to this job where I sit and hardly even have to walk.

6) I'm thankful to have a church and a family here to support me. Just a few weeks ago, on Valentines, I was talking about how blessed I felt by my church and my family and today I complained.

That's all for now. I need to get some food.

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