Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Life Lately

Well its been quite a week.

Both cars are broken. We'd been fighting with the neon for some time - the transmission was slipping, it needed new tires, a new hose, a refitted something or nother and finally it needs a new tensioner which has something to do with the belts that make your alternator (and effectively the power), the air conditioning, the power steering, and something else too all work.... and so we parked it thinking we'd just drive the suzuki since we can basically share a car being on opposite schedules.

And then the suzuki decided to quit. We paid to have it towed to Lynn's shop, Brent was thinking its the timing belt but Lynn didn't think so and it's still over there being looked at and worked on and we're praying its an easy fix.

In case its not we looked at buying a car... not what we wanted to do but may have been necessary. We were going to trade the Neon in for however much they'd give us (about $500 at the most) and finance a car... But they wouldn't do it in my credit (which is substantially better than Brents) because I'm not working for another 4 weeks.... and they wanted an extra $700 along with the trade in to do it in Brent's name. *sigh* We talked them down to $500 down along with the car and we decided to think on it.

Then I talked to Tamara who told me she'd loan me her van (3rd vehicle) if we could get it working. It needs a replaced timing belt. Basically the deal is that if Brent gets it running, we can use it for as long as we need it - even several months. So that van is in our driveway to be worked on as well... but is a 14 hour job so it will be a week or two and replacing the belt doesn't guarantee that the engine wasn't ruined when the belt broke... so its a 50-50 chance that the van will be a help.

Tamara and Brian came over with pizza last night and we watched The Blind Side (great movie, I highly recommend it!). They are letting us borrow their Blazer (2nd vehicle) and Tamara will take Brian to work (he's a trucker and is gone for like 3 days at a time) in their pickup. So, that's pretty awesome. I have been really stressed about the car situation but at the same time, I was really really blessed to know Tamara and Brian and have them care about us making a bad financial decision that was being forced because we had no other options.

I really think that given 3 or 4 days we will probably have the suzuki and the van working. I didn't want to commit to $300 a month for 2 years right when we got on our feet money-wise. Brent was very understanding. Although, when we do go to buy a car (maybe next tax season) we are totally getting a station wagon. We looked at a Ford Tarus that seated 8 and Brent and I both fell in love.... yes, I think we will have more babies. Not yet. But yes, I think we will.

Aside from the car issues -- Judah and I went to the cardiologist today. The pediatric doctor wanted to check on him because he had a murmur. The echo-cardiogram showed a small hole in the muscular wall between the left and right atrium at the bottom of his heart. Sometimes they close on their own. Sometimes they don't. Holes in babies hearts can affect their ability to grow -- because their heart can't work as hard as other people, they get tired faster and they don't eat as much or as well. And, Judah only gained 2 oz in the last week which is substantially less than his previous pattern.
The cardiologist also mentioned that his aortic valve is partially sealed but that wouldn't be an issue at all and if it were an issue, it wouldn't be until he's middle aged. We go back in 4 weeks to check on his little heart again.
I'm taking extra care for the next 4 weeks to write down and time his feedings moreso than just waiting for him to wake up and feed.... he does sleep alot, but I might just be freaking out and thinking normal 2-week-old sleep patterns is "alot"

I broke down in tears when I was telling Tamara about what the cardiologist said. I don't know why I'm freaking out - I know it will heal quickly and we'll have Judah prayed over at church... but I'm emotionally worn out, I think, and I'm just so glad to have friends and a hubby to talk to.

Pray for us.

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  1. Hey Beth,
    Prayers are being sent your way from all of us in SC too. Just to put you at ease I'll let you know if he hasn't already told you himself. Billy has a hole in his heart, or did. I'm not sure what they did for it, but he is a perfectly healthy 23 year old. I hope gives you some comfort.