Thursday, March 11, 2010

Very Acomplished

Well I had to unexpectedly change my day off to Wednesday because when I picked up the kids Tuesday night Alina was acting really strange - moody and tired and quiet (what?) and Beverly said she had been acting that way for the last hour or two even though she'd had a long nap.

She slept for a while on the way home. Then she threw up.

And again and again and again for about 2 hours. Repeatedly. Anything I gave her to drink came right back up. I put her in bed at about 9:30 when she had kinda stopped puking every 5 minutes. She slept well and didn't throw up again.

But I opted to keep the kids out of daycare on Wednesday. My mom had a rule of thumb about being puke-free for 24 hours before returning to the normal public, and I apply that to daycare for the sake of the other children. Turns out that it was just a 5 or 6 hour bug... probably what I had on Saturday because Brent got it on Monday and almost got sent home sick, but was fine by dinner time. So the kids were a lot of fun all day Wednesday.

They played together in Alina's room alot. I got everything cleaned. We got up and got dressed and went out to the family dollar store by our house (ok 15 minutes but it's the closest thing to us) and I spent about $30 on things like dog food, a new mop and cleaning supplies (as if I didn't already have alot I just wanted a few different things like pine sol).

Alina and I spotted this porcelin tea set for $5 and bought it. (turns out that was a great deal - its $13 on amazon!) I'm very excited about this because she's been having tea parties in her room with a plastic set she got for Christmas in the morning before we wake up. Problem being that she gets water from the bathroom and makes a mess. It's just water, but it was getting to be a problem. So she was really excited because it's a "real" teaset instead of plastic. She told Raziel that he could not play with it because he would break it and she would cry. I made her wait till the end of the night to pull it out, and we've made its proper place up high where she can't get it (even with a chair) because she is to use it only with mommy and daddy's permission. She was super mad about that this morning. I caught her pulling the highchair around the kitchen this morning (she hadn't realized it was too high up yet) and I told her she was not allowed to get her teaset down by herself and she threw a royal fit. But, I think it's better this way. She's not interested in having tea parties in her room anymore, and that's a for sure plus.

Altogether, I cleaned, swept and mopped every room in the house. I washed all the laundry and all the dishes and the kids got baths. The house is BEAUTIFUL. I even went through our file box and re-organized everything (Raziel got into it the other day and I got there just in time to take my marriage liscense from him). I filed the things we needed and got rid of old stuff we didn't need anymore (like old electric bills from the apartment -- why did I even have those?) I tried to move around my husband's bowflex attachments to a more convienant storage space and that was a for-sure negative. I pulled on the first piece and said "yeah those don't look so bad where there are" because man - they were heavy.

And, my theory didn't work. I was hoping that with all the moping and cleaning and such-what-not, I would go into labor. I hear lots of stories of women whose water breaks when they're scrubbing baseboards. No such luck. Oh well. Tuesday it will be.

But it was a nice day altogether. I put Raziel in bed around 8 and then Alina and I made chocolate chip cookies (well we baked the premade stuff) and had a tea party and then she went to bed. Then, I made fajitas and laid out a nice dinner - candles and tablecloth and all - and had it ready just as Brent walked in the door. He'd had a bad day, and I wanted him to be able to relax. I even rubbed his back whenever we laid in the bed. He was pretty happy. I was glad.

So I really feel like yesterday was a very acomplished day. I took care of my kids, hubby, and cleaned my house. My back hurt by the end of the day and I was glowing with sweat and exhaustion, I'm sure, but that's okay. Everyone was well provided for and I'd be proud to have anyone visit my home today. That's the way it should be.

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