Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick update

So we're getting used to Brent's being on nightshift. It's an adjustment and I don't know what to do with myself when Brent's in bed and I'm trying to watch all three kids... but we'll adjust. And, right now, Sats and Suns are the only days I have all three and that's a GOOD thing. I don't sleep well at night. This has been very emotional for me to adjust to - though I'm trying not to make it too hard on Brent. I've never slept alone in the bed since we moved in together when we were 18. Not a single night. This is new and different and its really really really really hard. A pile of pillows shaped like a man just doesn't do it.

Judah's sleeping well at night - waking about 3x at night to eat -- that's pretty much perfect. If I were able to sleep better I'm sure I wouldn't be so tired! I'm debating taking some Advil PM to knock me out so I won't notice Brent's absence... I haven't tried that yet... not really in my ethical beliefs, especially since I don't take meds for hardly anything...

We started Alina in pull ups 3 days ago. 2 days at the sitter with no sucess. Today I had her at home and all 5 times that I asked if she wanted to go to the potty she said yes and all 5 times she peed in the potty!!!!! This is a huge leap forward! I knew knew knew KNEW that eventually she'd understand and do it. It's like she just woke up this morning and said "you know what? I'm gonna pee in the potty all day." I think she only peed in her pull up one time. She had a poopy diaper first thing in the morning and usually only poops once a day (sorry, TMI, I know) so we didn't have to deal with that. It was SO exciting.

OKAY I need to go back home and be close to my kids. I'm updating from my M-I-L's across the street cuz she has internet. I think I'm done washing dishes and laundry for the day and I'm gonna play the Sims 3 which Brent gave me for my birthday (Wednesday) but I have yet to touch it because of errands and chores and spending all day Friday out with Tamara just playing and talking. So I'm gonna go loose my mind in someone else's world - a video game version of my family and my house doing chores in virtual world instead of the real world. And yes. I know it's stupid, but I find it very entertaining!

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