Monday, March 8, 2010

March 16th is the day!

Ok so I went to my OB today for a regular appointment (though I think I've been seen 2x in between - once at the office and once at L&D). Here's the latest:

I've lost 7lbs (yes, LOST) in the last 3 days. Not good.
Baby is healthy. Hearbeat is strong, he's still moving around. Good.
I'm still 3cm. *sigh*

Dr Stucky went ahead and scheduled to induce me. YAY!!!

Ok so I wasn't sure if I wanted to be induced until today but in light of loosing 7lbs between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, I think it's a good idea. I had a bit of a stomach bug on Saturday but I ate decently and I ate all right on Sunday too... I don't know why I lost 7lbs. The nurses and such seemed to think it was just the tummy bug but it wasn't that bad and didn't last that long and its hard to believe 7lbs was wrapped up in a little bit of diarrhea... I am prone to think something else is up and so that provokes me to want to make sure the baby comes on along before we have more issues. If I loose any more weight, it'll be bad... I've only gained about 25lbs this whole pregnancy.... its not like I have alot to work with.

So baby's due date is now March 16th. We check into the hospital at 6am to start the induction and it might be a nasty labor but it'll be quick I'm sure... my body knows what it's doing, we just have to convince it to really go into labor instead of playing around... and we're waiting a long time too... 39 weeks guestation - that's a pretty lengthy pregnancy really. Plenty of time for baby to develop fully and he already weighs like 7lbs anyways (according to the ultrasound on Friday) so he's gonna be just fine.

I hope it's not as bad as everyone says.

Sunday I couldn't get out of the bed, though, I was in too much pain. Contractions all day long.... and no progress (still at 3cm this morning). I'm exhausted really, and can't physically do this another 2 or 3 weeks until Judah decides to come along. We've tried everything possible to induce naturally... every trick in the book, believe me... nothing is working.

They're still telling us it could be any day.... I tend to laugh at that now. I've resigned myself to plan for his arrival on Tuesday and schedule everything around it... becuase he doesn't seem interested in coming any sooner than that. So, this week I work Monday - Saturday with Thursday off. I may or may not work Saturday, depends on how I feel really. I'm gonna get my house all clean (its not too bad right now) and get all the trash taken to the dump and the laundry and such caught up. I'll go grocery shopping and prep some meals. Then, Monday I'm taking it easy, going to bed early, and we'll go in first thing Tuesday and have him bright and early... be in the hospital till Thursday morning probably and come on home to a clean house and pre-made meals and enjoy a week with my hubby and new baby and my mom (who's coming to stay for a few days too). The older kids will go to daycare during the day and let me rest, and come home to hang out with the new baby.

The end is in sight. And no matter how many people say "oh just wait and see, you'll schedule this induction and your water will break tonight" I don't think he's coming until the 16th.

And I'm okay with that.

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