Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm not crazy

This is from lunch the other day.... I thought it was adorable :-)

Good news: I'm not crazy
Bad news: I'm still pregnant

I went to the OB this morning because I was hurting - really hurting badly. It wasn't contractions, but the pain was sharp and different. The best way to describe it was that Judah has a little knife in there and he's sticking my cervix or whatever else is down there with it.

So, Cheryl wanted to make sure everything was okay. So, she checked everything, baby's heartbeat is good and strong, and of course, no signs of labor and no more dialation or effacement. We went ahead and did an ultrasound too because she wanted to check all my fluids and the baby and such - which are all perfect, placenta is good and consistent, everything's perfect. We got to see him really really well too... here's his little face -- you can see his lips and nose very well.

What they did find is that Judah is VERY low (of course, I coulda told you that). Cheryl says he is "stationed" low and pretty much won't have to travel very far whenever he decides to show up. But, his little head is pressed up against a pelvic bone and has probably pinched a nerve in between. Basically, every time he shifts, turns, sneezes, anything -- he pushes against that nerve a bit more and that causes alot of pain and therefore (in a stressful situation) will kick me into false labor along with it. The positioning of him against that bone won't be a problem in labor (thank God) but will be uncomfortable and painful in the meantime.

I told Cheryl that as long as the baby's okay, I'm okay with waiting. I don't want him to come too early. If he's not here, he's not here and that's okay. It's silly to be impatient to the extent that I can't wait for my baby to be fully developed and such so I'm trying to keep that additude and avoid inducing the medical way.

I will, however, be trying accupressure massage this weekend. 93% of women go into labor within 48 hours after an accupressure massage. So, it's worth a try. And, if my body isn't ready, I won't go into labor. If they break my water then we HAVE to deliver him regardless of who's ready or not ready. I really want to avoid that... although I may feel differently about it in a few days, you never know. Really, if I have gone through natural labor 2x with no epidural then surely I can hang on another week or two without dying. And, it's kinda silly to be so die-hard about not using an epidural and then saying "oh, ok, let's just dump pitocin and other foreign chemicals into my body to induce labor because I'm not comfy anymore."

Pray he comes soon.... I'm still hurting regardless of the newfound explinations!

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