Friday, March 5, 2010

Life of a Working Momma

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today at Kelly's Korner we're doing Show us you're life: Your Typical Day

First, for my new-comer Kelly's visitors;

This is Alina. She's 3 years old and very intelligent and articulate but is very small for her age group. (28 lbs)

And this is Raziel. He's 18 months and short (5th percentile) but almost as big as his sister (25 lbs). He doesn't really talk yet, but I think that's mostly because his sister does it for him!

And we also have me and my husband Brent and we are 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy we are going to name Judah Aiden. My hubby and I both work full time jobs. I'd love to be a SAHM but we can't afford it yet (I get paid more than Brent does...)

So, here's my typical day!

7:30am the alarm goes off the first time.

8:00am ish (LOL) This is when we roll out of the bed. By this time, Alina and Raziel are already awake and playing quietly in their rooms. I stumble into the kitchen and make a bottle for Raziel who happily greets me, throws me the empty bottle he had last night and takes the new one. We then shower, change diapers, get dressed, brush hair, teeth, and put on shoes, socks and jackets.

8:30am we load up into the car. Brent goes to work alone and I take the youngins to Beverly (the sitter/daycare lady)

10:00am I arrive at work (yes I drive about an hour an a half every morning... I will be moving to a better location after maternity leave and only drive about 30 minutes in the mornings.)

10am -- 6pm I work at a Sprint store. I sell phones to some people, and fix other people's bills. Mostly, I am a service and repair technician. I'm the one that takes your phone apart and fixes the insides. It's really a cool job!

6:30pm I arrive at home and start making dinner. Sometimes I start a load of laundry, or straighten the house up while I'm doing this. Brent gets home with the kids by 7ish and we have dinner together at the table (sometimes) or watch an episode of Dora or something of that nature, depending on what kind of mood everyone is in.

8:30pm The kids go to bed. I make breakfast for Alina (usually crackers and juice) and leave it in her room because she wakes up so early and it's better if she has food readily available than when she goes into the kitchen on her own. Both of the kids go down really really well. Raziel will drink a bottle and just relax and go to sleep on his own. I kiss him when I put him in his crib and that's usually the last I hear of him. Alina has particular things she has to have to fall asleep happily; the fan/space heater has to be turned on, she has to have her pacie, and she has to be in pajamas. If all these are right, she'll fall right to sleep as well.

9:00ish Brent and I settle in for the night. We usually watch an episode of Prison Break, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Naruto, or Psych and talk for a bit before actually going to sleep. Sometimes Brent will stay up late and play video games instead. We usually are asleep by 11pm. I love these 2 hours of the night because we get to spend them together and just relax.


  1. Oh my goodness! Have you read the latest entry in Melissa's blog:

    Melissa's father-in-law died yesterday but Melissa couldn't be bothered to travel with her husband Chad to be with his father, even though they knew he was going to die this week.

    Worse than not being bothered to see her father-in-law, Melissa has been blogging about going shopping, going to lunch with her girlfriends, going to the gym, etc. rather than being at her husband's side.

    Melissa says she can't travel a few hours by car to visit her dying father in law because she is pregnant. What the heck? How can you NOT travel to see your dying father-in-law but you can go to the gym?? go shopping?? and go out to lunch??

    Now Melissa says she can't even be bothered to go to the poor man's funeral. Too busy going to the gym, I guess?

    How many of you girls out there would not go and visit your father-in-law if you knew he only had a few days left on this earth? How many of you would leave your husband alone to watch his father die? How many of you would rather go shopping and go to the gym than go to your father-in-law's funeral?

    I am just astonished at how cold, un-Godly and cruel this woman is. Incredible.

  2. I work too but I have to up at 4:30. It is NOT easy! My husband stays home with the girls most days, if not I will take them to my mom the night before. But your job sounds fun. Where did you learn how to fix cell phones?

  3. Oh, they trained me how to do it. It's really not too difficult -- all that you do is learn how it should look inside and learn which parts cause which problems and replace the parts to get the phone working properly. Alot of issues are just because the phone is all dirty inside... you'd be amazed at how gross your cell phone is inside!!