Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Quick Moment Away

So I've somehow grabbed the ten minutes needed to update my blog and put pictures up. There's been so much that's gone on lately I have to just generalize my life and breeze through the last week or so and I'll go into detail later if I find time.

-- Sunday, the 14th, I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart all day long. I kept waiting on them to get closer and stronger... Eventually I was at about 3 minutes apart and going pretty much insane and they were hurting alot more. We went to L&D. No progress. 3cm, but a bit more effaced than last time -- 75% instead of 50% -- but the nurse said its hard to tell what some would call 50%, others might say was 70% so... they kept me for an hour, no change. They let me walk half an hour. I was in pain. I was going crazy. I was still having contractions regularly. No change. I went home with a shot of morphine.

-- Tuesday at 5:45am we showed up to be induced. Waited. Checked in, Waited. Changed, waited, edema, IV, checked me. 3cm and 75% effaced, though still contracting strong enough to see it on the machine - everyone was puzzled as to why I wasn't making change. I started worrying I'd have a c-section. started pitocin around 8am. Stronger, closer, stronger, closer. No change. Doctor came to see me around 11am and broke my water -- which escalates the pain of labor about 5-fold. About 1pm I was hurting, starting to want to push. Nurse checked me - 6 cm (HALLELUJAH!). But, don't push honey, you still have a way to go. I got upset and started stressing out because the doctor wasn't around. She said we still had a way to go and not to worry, that the doctor would be there before the baby came. 4 contractions (about 8 minutes?) later, I was at 10cm. Another doctor from the practice (the one who delivered Raziel) meandered in to check on me and said he'd deliver the baby - suited up and 20 minutes of the most excrutiating pain in my life later - Judah was born. His head was a whopping 38cm -- a normal baby's head is 32-34cm -- hence all the issues with him putting me in false labor and not moving along. I am very proud of myself - I did it natural again, just with the IV pain meds. I was in control of my breathing and myself the entire time with an exception of about 5 minutes between 6cm and 10cm when I lost it and the nurse had to get up in my face and yell at me to get me to calm down. I needed it because I couldn't get a hold of myself. I'm pretty sure I called her a bitch but I made it a point to tell her after I delivered Judah that she was a fantastic nurse and thank you for doing it with me.

-- Alina and Raz came to visit that night -- Alina was suprised that he was "like a real baby" and Raziel was uninterested. Since then, Alina has become a great big help -- giving him his pacie when he cries in the car, telling me when he's upset, etc. Raziel has gotten jealous and as a result is demanding alot more cuddle time and general attention. We'll make it.

-- Thursday we went home and my mom came. This has been the fastest recovery in my entire baby-having experiences. They ran the pitocin for 2 hours after I delivered and that apparently makes a big difference. A week later, I'm hardly bleeding at all and my milk is already established and I was only over-producing for a day or two.

-- My mom stayed with us Thursday -- Monday. She was a great big help with the older two, and she did all my dishes and laundry and took all the trash. Of course, it's Wednesday night and I have 2 loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes.... no trash bags to take to the dump yet, though!

-- Saturday, I got an awesome changing table for $55. I wonder why I haven't bought one of these before! I'll post a picture later....

-- Sunday we went to church and the pile of diapers has grown to a huge massive mound... I am excited because we won't have to buy diapers for like 3 months. Alina is starting in pull ups as of tomorrow because I can't handle potty training in panties but we gotta start trying more consistently.

-- Monday, Brent and I went shopping for a computer for film editing. We had a few quotes for a desktop with everything we were needing -- between $900 and $1200. We went over to Bestbuy and got an AWESOME combo with all the stuff we needed and it came with a bunch of software and such... paid $750 and got a free printer. I'm excited because Brent says it has photoshop (though I haven't found it yet). Still no internet at home, but walking in the right direction.

-- Today, Brent went back to work. He apparently was fired - or had been but they changed their minds and didn't want to tell him they'd fired him... Instead he was demoted and moved out of the shop and on to night shift (10pm-7am). They claim its because of a tire job that Brent was involved in that went bad - though Brent did his job correctly and had the customer sign a waiver stating Walmart wasn't liable because of the issues the tire already had before he fixed it and it was Brent's boss that ended up making Walmart liable by paying to have it fixed again. Anyways, Brent and I are pretty sure that the real reason is because Brent took off a week and a half during a time that wasn't convenient for them and they were mad... so that is FMLA retaliation... so we're seeing a lawyer this week to see if we have a case. FMLA laws state that an employer has to give paternal leave with the birth of a baby and that they have to give you your same job and same pay when you come back... this is a pay cut and a demotion. FMLA retaliation cases are awarded alot of money -- like $300k plus costs and lawyer fees.... And, on top of this, Walmart doesn't usually take the time to go to court over things... they just pay settlements because it costs less... so we'll see how that goes.

-- My 23rd Birthday is today. I have to say that this has been the lamest birthday ever, LOL. Life as a grown up is so different. I ran errands, took Judah to a doctor appt, applied for foodstamps, etc all day and hardly have time to sit and relax. But, it's really okay.

-- Last but not least. The pediatritian has found a heart mumur in Judah. He said that it doesn't sound like a Stills heart mumur (which is the harmless kind). He waited it out a week to see if it went away, like Raziel's did (they found one and a week later couldn't hear it anymore). It didn't go away. Today the dr listened to his heart for about 15 minutes. Finally, he gave me an appt to have an EKG and a chest x-ray done, and is setting up an appt with a cardiologist. *sigh* I would probably be freaking out but I was terrified with Raziel and then they didn't find anything so I'm just slightly concerned right now and will allow myself to truly freak if they find something. Good thing medicaid pays for all these tests.

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