Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Wow I know its been forever lol we've been so slammed at work!!! OK here's the Christmas pictures! More to come... I have to take photos of Brent's workshed (that's the big present I made for him I've been talking about forever)

this is Alina opening her baby doll -- she was so excited! She skipped the big slide with the bow on it, and ignored her stocking and candy and opened it right up.

Here's the boots painting I did for her. It and Larryboy are now on her wall.

This is my living room wreckage once all the gifts were open....

This is Alina chillin out, checking out the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I took pics of Raziel all day and always got the top of his head.... LOL. This is him opening a curious george stacking toy. He wasn't interested, haha.

He just picked up his blanket and went to his room. I think he was voting to get back in bed!

Brent got the first season of the Spiderman Animated series from Alina. That was the present she got him that she wasn't allowed to see because she would tell him what it was... Like the pillow we wrapped in a box so he wouldn't guess it. She brought him the box to open stating "it's a pillow, daddy!" ahh... what will I do with her?!?!

Raziel's top of his head (again) playing with his blocks and his blanket.

and lastly, Alina enjoying her stocking candy.

So that's our Christmas. It was wonderful. We woke up at 7:30 and made breakfast, turned on the heaters, etc. Kids woke up around 7:45 and were sooo excited. Brent made purfume for me this year and that was AWESOME. It smells so wonderful - I thougt he'd bought it but there's evidence of purfume making supplies in my master bathroom (I wasn't allowed in there for a week) so I know he's telling the truth. He also gave me a gift card of $65 to redecorate our living room (SWEET!!!). I'm really excited about this because I LOVE decorating. I think I'm painting the walls green, painting the trim white, recovering the sofa and chairs with white (removable so I can wash them), painting the furniture black, getting an entertainment center and moving our family-hand-me-down-heirloom chest of drawers to the dinning area to hold sheets and things... and then maybe getting a big white throw rug and framing some b&w's of the kids on the walls in black frames. Besides that, Brent gave me a few filmmaking books, some girly spa things, and the soundtrack to Spring Awakening on Broadway. I really enjoyed our Christmas... it floors me how thoughtful my hubby is :-)

I'll blog soon about the workshed I made him. I've got things to do :-)

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