Monday, January 4, 2010

Catching Up on Life

Ah my to-do list is long

#1) bugdget, pay bills, make billing arrangements
it was so odd to not have a $3000 check in December, we've got a bit of catching up to do because we did really really well but still aren't used to the no-extra-money thing during Christmas. I like this job way better but it's different in that respect.

#2) clean out the car, bring in all the lovely New Years gifts and distribute throughout the house. Exciting gifts worth mentioning include a breadmaker and knife block and set for hubby and a beautiful yellow purse from New York New York in Las Vegas :-D and a new bottle of my fav purfume.

#3) must purchase a new year's daily planner... I am lost without one. I started using one last year to help keep up on bills and it's been the best thing I've done along with online banking and billpay.

#4) laundry. Ah, traveling brings piles and loads of laundry. I was off yesterday but sick as a dog all day and couldn't even get up out of the bed to think about doing laundry. Good thing I washed all the dishes before I left, but leaving the diaper genie full was a mistake! IT STINKS!!

#5) clean Alina's room. While I was sleeping all day yesterday the babies were playing happily. I was right there, on Alina's bed, so it wasn't like they were in any danger, but gosh did they make a mess!!

#6) make arrangements for Child care while on my retreat... brent and I go on a church retreat on the 14-16th of this month and I need to make sure my in-laws can keep the babies at nighttime for us. (they'll stay with the sitter during the day)

#7) get up the nerve to go outside in the 26 degree weather without my jacket (don't know where that is... lost in the new years stuff to be taken from the car) and go pay the car insurance.

#8) upload new years pictures to my blog. We had a family picture taken of brent and myself and the babies and are very excited because it turned out GREAT. I'm going to post it here and then email it to my mom because she'll want it

#9) call my grandma back because bless her heart she called like the day after Christmas and I still haven't had a minute to call her back!

#10) Re-schedule my next OB appt to correlate with my next day off so that I don't arrive to work late (which I was 5 minutes early today! WOOHOO!)

Gosh my life is so insane. I don't really have time to blog either and I have about 30 posts to catch up on people's blogs!!

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