Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Amazon Box Mystery Solved

A little old lady in a beat up red car pulled up last night and came up to our porch and knocked on the door. She told Brent she wanted to explain the box and what happened. Apparently she lives down the street and has a 6 year old, an 8 year old and a 9 year old (2 boys and a girl). The postman delivered the box to their house by mistake and the kids just went to tear it open, not interested in who it was addressed to (any kid that age would do the same, I'm sure). They got out the things and looked at them and weren't really interested and left them laying out in her living room. Well, she works night shift and when she got up around 5pm to get ready for work, she walks into her living room and sees all these random objects and an amazon box. She asked the kids where it came from and they told her the mailman brought it. So, she gathers up all the things that were in the box, re-packages them nicely, puts them back in the box and tapes it up. She asked her husband (man in the white van) to drop it off at our place on his way to work.

Ahh. There are good people still in the world. I was so glad to know that some teenagers didn't steal mail off my porch!! I've always been a bit nervous about our neighborhood after those people broke into our house 2 or 3 years ago... and I still wake up at night sometimes and have Brent go look around and make sure that it's just the washer machiene or the dog or something making that noise. I'm sure it drives him crazy but that's how I am!!

In other news; I am getting rather uncomfortable being pregnant. Today and for the last few days I've felt like my stomach was very tight... which is odd, almost like slight braxton hicks contractions. I'm only like 27 weeks but gosh I've been rather irritable. The baby is moving a ton which is great and means he's healthy but at the same time I just wish he'd settle down for a mintue and let me breathe! I've not been sleeping well and taking my vitamen and eating a good hearty breakfast hasn't seemed to make a huge difference.

Maybe its all the stress in my life right now. I don't really know. I've been pretty grumpy with Brent lately, I've been short-tempered especially with other adults... the kids aren't bothering me so much right now. Alina has been super adorable opening each little present and counting down till Christmas, and Raziel has been getting really big lately... Last night I watched Toy Story with them and let them stay up until 9:15 (bedtime is 8:30) and we all sat in the floor in Alina's room and watched it together. Alina was in one side of my lap and Raziel was on the other side... it was super sweet -- he would stand up, walk over and pick up his juice or his blanket or something and then come sit back down where he was. It just made me realize that he's a little person just like Alina is and he's not really a baby anymore. That makes me kinda sad, he's getting so big so fast... but on the other hand, Judah will be here in 12 weeks or less and I need Raziel to be walking and such... I can't carry around everyone.

Today I don't want to handle anything. I am tired, I am grumpy, I am frusterated with my co-worker. I am sick of being pregnant but not ready for this baby. I am ready to get paid, I am ready to have a few days off for Christmas. I am ready to go to Florida on New Years. I am ready to hang out with my husband and not have to worry about work or the kids or how freaking cold my house is all the time. I am tired of trying to call this stupid doctor's office labwork place and submit my additional insurance info so that they don't think they need to charge me. I am sick of the morgatge company calling me when I've already arranged when I am making the payment. I'm ready to have money again. I'm ready to be comfortable again. I'm ready to wear my blue jeans again. I'm not ready to have a baby though. I'm not ready to take my 60% pay cut. I'm not ready for anything. I am so freaking worn out.

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