Monday, December 21, 2009

Alina's 3rd Birthday

I woke her up in the morning singing Happy Birthday to her. She was thrilled beyond belief and kept asking "it's my birthday?" and when could she open her presents lol. She and I made her birthday cake first thing - she'd picked it out at the store a few days back. Strawberry cake with funfetti vanilla icing.

She mixed it and I cooked and iced it and she decorated it herself :-) Then we made sugar cookies and iced them, and decorated them with crushed peppermint. And, we made Christmas ornaments.

She had a great day, pretty much being allowed to have whatever she wanted in the way of sweets and TV and such. I felt the need to spoil her just a bit - I'm usually so strict about how much sugar and TV she gets in the day and I just wanted her to feel like her birthday was special. Daddy got home around 4 and she was so excited. She showed him her cake and talked about how she was going to close her eyes and wish and blow out the candles.
She didn't want her picture taken.

Around 7pm everyone came over for our little mini-party. Brent's parents and sisters and our friend Jennifer came over with LOTS of presents for Alina! She was so excited that I thought she would just explode with energy. Every time someone came in she'd say "you got me a present?!" and jumped up and down.

Maybe it was all the sugar!!

After everyone was there and we had our drinks and all the food set out and all, Alina got to open her birthday presents.

She got an Elefun from Nene and Jessie and Ca-Ba. She'd never played this game before, and she loves it.

It wears me out, though, putting all those butterflies back into the elephant and doing it again and again and again.

I love this picture with her little princess crown from Nene and matching computer from Mommy and Daddy - she LOVES this VTECH thing and plays on it CONSTANTLY! It was a great choice!

NOTE: See this adorable outfit? Its so sweet! Baba sent it!! Thanks Baba!!

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