Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Or Men will be men rather. I want to write this post because I am abundantly proud of my husband. I am proud of him today because he is a bigger man than anyone I know and he takes care of his own and protects the innocent and the helpless.

Today, my husband punched a fellow employee at work. (I'm not proud of him for punching him I'm proud of him for the rest of the story - before and after)

If you don't know this, Brent's sister Rebecca was born with spinebifida. She has always had health problems and probably always will. A year ago she had total kidney failure and spent a month in ICU and another month or two in the hospital and is always in and out. We are blessed to still have Rebecca.

Brent has spent his entire life protecting her. Even as an 8 year old, Brent would stick up for her, defend her, and tell other kids to leave her alone. I think I remember hearing stories of him beating up other kids (when he very young) because they said his sister looked funny or asked rude questions. This is his way of life. Their father hadn't been doing the job (Mr. Haley is much more participant in Becca and Jessie's (the youngest) lives now, just not before) and Brent was pretty much man of the house after his brother Clint moved out. In addition to this, Brent has always been caring and protective of all his family, but especially of Rebecca.

A few days ago Rebecca came by Brent's place of work to say hello. Apparently, today, Brent's co-worker was making jokes - alot of rude, inappropriate jokes. I don't know what they were pertaining to but I do know it had something to do with her disability. Brent repeatedly told this co-worker to stop, and that these jokes weren't funny or acceptable. If you know my hubby, you know he has an impossibly long fuse and isn't short tempered by any means. He's not a violent person or quick-to-anger. Apparently this guy just wouldn't leave it alone, after Brent repeatedly told him to stop. Eventually my loving protective husband snapped and pinned the guy against the wall telling him to quit and he was serious... and the co-worker didn't have enough sense to keep that one last comment to himself and Brent punched him right in the face.... bloodly lip and everything.

Well, I tell this story because my hubby needs the encouragement, but mostly I want to tell everyone because I am proud to have married a man that works so hard to protect his family and sisters and kids. I am proud that my husband sticks up for people that are sick or can't neccessarily defend themselves. I am proud that my husband put up with the bull-**** banter for an hour and a half before he hit the guy. I am proud that when the co-worker called him on his lunch to make ammends (not to apologize, just to tell Brent he wasn't going to press charges and that he was "egging him on so... you know") that Brent was a big enough man not to argue about who would have won the fist-fight or tell the co-worker that he won't hit him again if he doesn't give him a reason to. I am so proud of my husband for being humble and meek and considerate of the best for his family and not the best for his ego.

I am proud of my hubby today.


  1. Good for him! That is absolutely awful! I'm so glad he is protective...that's the best quality in a man and a HUSBAND.
    PS-pooooor Alina's boyfriend one day;-)

  2. LOL He'll be on the porch with a shotgun