Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I had a nice day off -- too short really. We got up in the morning and went to church. I have just recieved a box of clothes from Baba (my mother) for the kids and the clothes are GREAT. I am especially thrilled about the 3 pairs of pants she bought for Alina (2 jeans and 1 khakis) with the adjustable waists. I feel SOO much better about the kids and how they look now -- they have clothing that fits (Raziel is finally into the 18months pretty well... we have to cuff the pants some). I love dressing Alina and Raziel in little jeans and shirts because they look like real people that I took a minute on, and it looks less like we just rolled out of bed and came in our jammies.

After church, we headed over to Walmart and picked up what was supposed to be a few odds and ends and ended up being $55 worth. Really, it was things I'd needed to buy... a few presents for Raziel, a few items for Brent's homemade present (more expensive than I'd realized lol!), Alina's birthday cake stuff, and a few clearanced items that we decided would make good presents for relatives/friends. We then grabbed some checkers (chicken nuggets and water! woohoo!) and went to the dollar tree where I spent another $20 on Alina's last Christmas present (yes, I'm done for her!) and party items along with a few things for relatives/friends. I also got socks for Alina!!! 9 pairs for $3 and they're all REALLY cute and I was so glad to find an abundance of socks somewhere that was really cheap. Well, so I spent alot more than I'd intended to but the upside is that I'm almost done with Christmas purchasing and I LIKE being done with Christmas purchasing ahead of time.

And, the nice thing is, we are getting paid weekly right now... I'm paid on the 15th and last of every month and Brent's every other week so it changes -- sometimes we get paid together and sometimes its staggered and right now we're paid every week and that makes life and money so much easier. I've been really proud of our ability to provide a nice Christmas and still pay the bills.

Last night I went over to Tamra's after work and went on a scavenger hunt for old toys to give to Raziel for Christmas. She had set aside ALOT of toys that were age appropriate but the problem was her kids figured out that those toys were going away and they dissapeered into the woods or their rooms or wherever we couldn't find them. I did bring home one of these

and Tamra's bringing over one of these (in her truck) this week

While these may be more appropriate toys for Alina, they are Raziel's big presents for the year. We figured he will be delighted to climb up the side of them and fall off and scare the daylights out of mommy on a regular basis. And, Alina will be glad to share. Currently, Brent thinks he'll be able to find a box big enough to wrap the slide (not the playhouse) and put it under the tree. HAH! I know we'll just end up putting it out by the tree on Christmas morning. It'll be fun because Alina and Raziel will both see it first thing when they come out in the morning.

I'm very excited, but now I do need to find one more toy for Raziel before I'm done on his Christmas. I love trying to find everything - it's wonderful.

And! I recieved one of Brent's presents in the mail yesterday and it's PERFECT! I was worried it wouldn't work properly but it works exactly right. He guessed that its car seat covers because I had to go check his suzuki. I hate it when he guesses good -- but I'm not saying that's what it is because IT MAY NOT BE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway. I'm a dork. Thanks. ttyl. I have shopping to finish and lunch to eat.

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