Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Thrifty Finds!

So I got to go to the McKay's Bookstore last night after work and I was there for about an hour and a half but gosh I coulda stayed FOREVER and spent ALOT more money!!

Imagine your local superwalmart. Now, cut off the registers section and all that random stuff at the front (money center, vison center, customer service, whatever) and then also don't imagine anything in the stock room that you don't usually see. Got the idea? Now empty Walmart out and fill it with rows and rows and rows and stacks and stacks and stacks of BEAUTIFUL discounted books! Then, add a big section on the side for DVD's, video games, and gaming systems... and then add a 2nd story, but cut out the center of that floor (so its just a second story around the edges really) and fill that with used CD's. The biggest place ever!!

I was so enthralled.. they had the largest variety I'd ever seen! They had everything from automotive books to novels to collectors books to manga to kids books to anything else in the possible world you could imagine. I went with a specific list of things I wanted and only couldn't find 2 things - but it was okay because I found better things!! The best part is how good the condition of the books and dvd's and things is and how CHEAP everything is!! Here's an examples (something I didn't buy for Brent lol)

Barnes & Noble: $19.95 $14.95 + shipping
McKays: $7.50

Here's one that REALLY impressed me
Barnes & Noble: $40.00 $23.40 + Shipping
McKays: $15.00

WOW!! Right? and here's the thing -- these are highly sought after items!! They aren't even Bargain Books!!!

SO Here's what I got:

Brent's gifts will be non-detail obviously.... item number 1 priced normally $18.99, I paid $5. Item number 2 priced normally $19.95, I paid $10. Item number 3 priced normally at $24.95, I paid $7.50. Item number 4 normally priced at $14.95... yeah I paid $1.95!! Total savings of approximately $55. WOW. And here's the thing about this -- I didn't compromise on the things I wanted! Every single thing I bought I was looking for specifically and if I hadn't found it there I was ordering it online! I'd already priced them all online! WOOHOO!! And they don't look used either. If I took off the stickers and didn't tell him that's where I bought it, he'd NEVER know. AWESOME

For Alina we bought 5 of Dora's little life lesson books... I don't remember which titles, I just saw they were Dora and in the bargain section! They're smaller sized books, and paperback... imagine the classic board book size.... like 5 inches by 5 inces or so... and paperback. I can't really find these online but most kids books go for abour $4 a piece on the internet, so we'll say that they'd be that much. The set would then be $20 and I paid $3.50. WOOHOO

Also got her this... but the volume she hasn't seen yet -- I think it's season 2 maybe? I priced it online before for around $15, Brent saw it on sale at Walmart for $10, and I bought it for $7.50!

Man. So I was aware that I'd raked up about $40 worth of purchases and I needed to head home before I went totally broke buying good presents that I didn't need to buy any more of (LOL). I was standing in the checkout line when I saw this from where I was standing: PLAYSTATION 2's!! Ebay price: about $80 right now... EB Games still sells them for $120.... McKays?? $60. Yup. $60. Totally wish I'd known that before I bought almost all of Brent's Christmas presents. MAN! But it's okay, good to know in future!

I have a new favorite place. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Way so excited.

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