Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday Snow Day

Saturday was SUPER cold at our house and we got quite a bit of snow!! Alina and Raziel were sooo excited that we got up before 8am, bundled up and played in the snow. I took a bunch of pictures to show you the fun we had.

Alina's all bundled up and ready to go play - sporting the adorable princess hat she got from Baba last year along with her knitted fleece-lined mittens from Nana & Poppa Huggins, also last year.

We got ALOT of snow for us.

I had to share this photo of the top half of my backyard... this belongs on a Christmas card!

Raziel was very unsure as to what was up with the bundling and the cold and his inability to walk around really. He looked at it for quite a while.

Then he sat down and looked at it some more.

Alina showed him that snow was fun, and she was excited about it. He kicked his feet some but still didn't move.

Alina knew just what to do. She picked up the snow in her hands and showed it to him.

And, in good ol Raziel fashion
it went promptly into his mouth. LOL!

Alina only wanted to do one thing (after she'd thrown a few snowballs at me) and that was build a snowman. She was so excited and knew exactly what to do. She told me we needed sticks for arms and we needed eyes and a nose and a mouth and buttons. So, we used the wretched Jolly Rancher candy that choked her a few weeks ago for the eyes, a peppermint stick for his nose and black beans for his mouth and buttons. Alina was VERY proud that she made the head herself.

We played for about 2 hours before they got grumpy. I was so glad we got up and played in it because it melted by that afternoon when Brent got home. I hope it snows again sometime when he's home to play too.

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