Monday, December 21, 2009

Blame where it's due

So my manager did me a huge coutesy on Friday. And it ticked me off so badly today when I found out about it that I really just want to scream at him. You know that 60 year old incompetent guy that's technically the manager of my store but doesn't do anything but screw things up and he's really the guy in charge but he never acts that way?

Well. His wife was in here on Friday because he's in the middle of having cadaract surgery in both eyes, and so he can't see very well. And I don't know why she was here - she's old and he's old and I just don't get it but she comes and helps him work from time to time because he just can't see well. She's nice enough I guess but to me it's a huge problem that our company has just never addressed... before I started working here she actually came and "worked" with him every day, although she wasn't on payroll or anything. And, the owner (our mutual boss) just ignored it... so she pretty much is allowed in here and on our systems and stuff because they never said she shouldn't. But. Here's the problem; she messes stuff up.

Friday afternoon I went over to Target and dropped off some flyers for employees of Target (and a few surrounding businesses) letting them know about our location and that they were eligible for a discount on our monthly rates. I did this and took my lunch simultaneously because I wanted to finish up shopping on my 30 minute lunch - so I went out on business but took my lunch too. I was gone for about 1 hour. In this time, I guess it got busy or something and Linda (my manager's wife) decided to help out and take a payment. She took the payment on my computer, logged in under my name (because I didn't log out when I went to lunch). Well, she did it wrong. Basically, she applied the money to the guy's account one time but rang it out in our drawer twice. Causing our drawer to be $186.37 short when we balanced out at the end of the night.

I'm notorious for not ringing out things in our drawer when it comes to payments - it's very easy to fix. You get a printoff when you apply it to their account, and as long as you process it through our cash drawer before the end of the night, you'd never know, it really makes no difference. SO. Bob assumed it was me and started jumping all over my case about the imbalance. (usually he's just counted the money wrong and assumes I shorted the drawer somehow, it's very frusterating.) I'll be the first to admit that I make mistakes. But, I don't process them twice - I just forget to run them (which is no big deal and VERY easy to fix). Well. I counted the drawer and agreed that we were short - but it was a strange number (namely $186.37) so I knew it had to be a payment. It wasn't like we gave someone wrong change or something... so I start looking through the reciepts and find a ticket for $186.37 rung in my name, rung out twice. I didn't help the lady. I asked Bob (manager) if he'd done it in my name and he knew instantly that it had been Linda (his wife). I was furious -- billing mistakes will be taken out of your paycheck. I asked him 4 or 5 times at least to please note in the comments that it WAS NOT my mistake and that it had been Linda logged in on my name. He said he'd do it.

Well today, I get an email about it basically just noting that there was the variance and how it'd be resolved (no paycheck deductions involved) and it just seemed to me that Bob hadn't said anything... so I looked at the comments on the cashout and noticed that he said nothing about where the fault laid... so I sent a note to our home office just to verify that he'd told them. He hadn't. I was being blamed fully for the $186 mistake and he hadn't mentioned anything about it whatsoever to anyone.

THIS PISSES ME OFF. Not only would I potentially be looking at $186 out of my next paycheck if they'd decided that it actually cost the company, but also it made me look like an incompetant moron to my boss and the home office. It made me look like I didn't pay attention, that I didn't care, and that (even though they'd just sent out emails about being careful with payments) I obviously just didn't give a d***m. Potentially, if I hadn't brought it up, I could loose $186 or even my job if they decided they didn't want to waste their time on someone that wasn't paying attention.

I'll be the first to take blam where it's due. But don't let me get hit by the bus you just threw me under when I wasn't even there to make the mistake or tell Linda she could use my codes.

In other news: the Amazon box turned up today. My husband says that some guy in a white van pulled up in the driveway today and left it on the front porch. Brent went out to try and see who he was but he got in his car, hollered "merry christmas" slammed the door and sped off. The box has been opened and re-taped... Brent says it's all there, one of the things had been opened but everything was still in the package. We guess that maybe some kid stole it off our front porch one day and his dad was bringing it back? Brent tracked the package last night and it had come from Atlanta and gone to North Dakota on it's way here (north georgia) but apparently it came a day or two ago (we don't know when!) and some kid swipped it or something. Brent says the man seemed aggitated to have to be involved, but he was nice to Brent... he just seemed pissed off about the situation.

Apparently the christmas presents my hubby ordered and the Baby Alive Get Better Doll weren't of interest to the thief... or maybe they were and they got caught by their parents and made to return the stuff... I don't really know. I'm glad they came though because it's about $75 worth of stuff in that box and I'd hate to have to process a claim over that through the post office!!

The only thing I forgot to do this weekend was take a photo of the kids for family Christmas cards. I've GOT to do that tonight and get things on their way tomorrow... OK, so people won't be getting their cards before Christmas probably but oh well. The non-family ones have been sent pictureless and I think that's a good start.

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  1. What an awful situation!
    By the way, we sent Christmas cards the year we were married...on Valentines day! REALLY late:-)