Friday, December 18, 2009

Finishing Up

Well, I'm very proud of myself. Today (on lunch) I am finishing Christmas shopping. I need to purchase 3 more gifts, and finish the creation of 2 (which will be done tomorrow) and then I'm done. I've gotten the addresses for the folks I'm sending cards to, I've got a box to ship my family their presents in (which I'm sending next day on Monday to ensure they get it by Christmas) and I've even got all the ingrediants I need to make cookies and Christmas ornaments! I washed a bunch of dishes last night, I'm going grocery shopping this evening, I've paid the bills and basically have my ducks in a row!

I love being so ready for Christmas. The only thing I have left after this is actually a massive project... that will probably take several hours... Brent's Christmas present... so I need child care but can't do it while he's home which leaves my hands tied. I'm gonna have to get it done during nap time over the next few days off, and pray to God the kids sleep for a while!

My husband is so funny. He called me yesterday and said "sweetie? We got a christmas card from a very nice looking family. Who are they?" I laughed long and hard. My dear sweet friend Helen Joy sent us their Christmas card and it hadn't occured to me that Brent has never seen HJ or her family and wouldn't know them by name or sight like I do. (I've never met her husband Noah or baby Barclay but I read about them almost daily on her blog) It was so strange to me that there are people that Brent doesn't know that I do -- for some reason, it was so odd! I mean, I know there was life before the last 7 years of my life but I never really think about the fact that I know alot of people that he hasn't ever met!

Alina's laptop arrived safely a few days ago, and we are anxiously awaiting her baby doll and Brent is holding his breath as the last of my Christmas presents come in as we count down - 7 days till Christmas!!

Anyways, I am currently starving and need to run to Target and grab some presents and my lunch so I'm going to go now, sorry the post is so short but look forward to Monday when I have Alina's birthday party pictures to share!!

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