Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in Charleston

Thursday: was a long day, before I even got to it I knew it would be. After work I headed to get the kids, grabbed Brent from home and hit KFC on the way out. We got the kids settled down and enjoyed our trip.

Friday: We arrived at David and Sarah's at 4am, and while Alina laid right down happily and snuggled with Daddy, Raziel was way too excited about the new environment and the doggies and the playpen and everything. I set him in the playpen to let him just hang out but he didn't want to be the only one awake and would start screaming if we all laid down to sleep. So I finally gave up and crawled into the playpen with him (snug fit) and put up with about 20 minutes of hair pulling, belly flopping and sticking his fingers up my nose and in my ears when I finally just pinned him down and let him scream for about 10 minutes. Luci, (D&S's doggie) broke into our room to see what all the commotion was about as I prayed that D&S weren't woken by our screaming son. Something about Luci checking on him distracted Raziel long enough for him to forget what he was so mad about. Once Brent put the doggie back out, Raziel picked up his bottle and blanket and laid on my tummy and conked straight out.

Around noon we headed to James Island and spent the afternoon with Mom, and then Alisha and Timothy after 3. Brent and I both took naps while the kids played happily with Baba and she enjoyed them fully. Raziel took a nap eventually, too.
Around 7:30 Brent and I went out to dinner with Sarah and David, John, Kendall (I'd never met her), Eric and Danny. It was noisy and loud (it was a bar & wings place) but the food was good and we enjoyed it alot. They had some interesting thing that we'd never heard of that I have to tell you about. I looked online forever to find a photo so I could show you but there were NO pictures and google didn't even really know what I'd typed in (lol). At DD Peckers, you can get your burger "frunked." Basically, they make and cook the hamburger patty, cover it in cheese and chili and then they dip this concoction into funnel cake batter and deep fry in (in place of the bun). Sounds odd and maybe gross but it was INCREDIBLE. I couldn't have eaten the whole thing, Brent ordered it and I ordered wings, but I had a bite or two and it did taste really good.

Upon return to my parent's house to get the kids, we saw what the kids had been doing.

Alina found her new favorite book which was read by various family members at least 45 times (not an exaggeration at all!)

Raziel found a new game, too. He took these out and put them back for about an hour.

And Alina got to play on the Wii Fit board, although an adult had to stand with her most of the time because she wasn't heavy enough to register on the board.

At this point it was 10:30 and we headed back to David and Sarah's where we crashed and the kids were out by the time we got there.

Saturday: We woke up around 9:30 or so and Brent left with the kids. The shower was wonderful, the gifts were all lovely. I want to post pictures but haven't gotten to take any yet, but I did get a pack and play from my parents with the bassinet and changing table attachments (AWESOME) and $100 towards a new carseat from Sarah's family (her, her mom and her sister) along with a few gift cards, diapers, blankets, clothes and other fun little things. Christine (has a baby boy that's 10 months) gave me a bunch of clothes that her son had never had a chance to wear that'd been given to her. I can't wait to dress Judah in these little overalls and collared shirts and things - so Charleston and so preppy and so adorable.

We spent the afternoon with the grands and had dinner over there. Again the kids fell asleep easily and we went back to David & Sarah's. We got to stay up late (til about 1) chatting with Sarah and David which was really nice to catch up some.

Sunday: we left Summerville around 10:30 and grabbed some bagels at Brueggar's downtown, then headed back home. The trip was rather uneventful - kids were a bit grumpy, but we got home around 8pm or so and unpacked the car and I went ahead and started some laundry. And honey, it's COLD here compared to charleston!!

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  1. We enjoyed the visit and were glad to get to see you guys:)