Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I slept from 9:30pm (yeah, I totally crashed early) till 7:00am and then laid in the bed until 10 til 8. It was nice. I'm still exhausted.

Mostly it's my brain needing to make a to-do list. So I'm sharing with you because I've found that it soothes me to have it on the internet somewhere that I can acess it incase I loose my list because I usually loose my to-do lists and that doesn't help.

1) Tow the Suzuki
Turns out the belt came off because one of the pullys has a bad bearing inside it and needs to be replaced, but the problem is that we'll have to drop out the engine to get to that $20 part so we have to pay $80+ to tow the car 5 miles to our friend's mechanic shop so they can drop out the motor and replace the part. We're looking into options today as opposed to a tow truck but we can't drive the thing becuase we'd blow the head gasket and that means we're buying a new engine. So unless we want to pay $3000 for a new engine to avoid a $80 tow and a bit for the part and labor, we're towing it. Good news is that we're getting it fixed on the weekend while we're in SC so we won't be out a vehicle anymore when we get back

2) Packing List, make plans, etc
Don't know when I'm leaving. Don't know who's driving first. Don't know when I'm packing. Don't know when I'm arriving. I need to decide these things. But, with the whole car thing and the whole I haven't slept much lately thing I still don't know. I just know that I need to know so that I can. Did you follow that?

3) Get Brent to tune up the Neon
Somewhere during the midst of this Brent needs to add transmission fluid to the Neon. It's leaking some somewhere and it's acting funny again so Brent says that was the problem in the first place and I should really mention it if my car is leaking something. LOL. I guess that's probably true.

4) Clean house.
As if I have time/energy to do so. But I need to clean the kitchen, wash clothes, sweep, straighten up and take the trash to the dump. In all my spare time.

5) Clean the car
It's full of mail and trash and clothes and diaperbags and etc and etc and etc and we're leaving tomorrow night. Sigh.

When do I have time to do this? Well I work until 6 tonight, get the kids by 7, pick up Brent at 8 (there, there's 30 minutes extra in that gap) and then go home, feed my family and go to bed because I have to get up and have everyone ready and leave by 6:30am so everyone's to work on time.... Wait, oh, I have an extra 30 minutes there too between dropping Brent off at 7 and needing to drop the kids off at 8.

So its either today at work (how to pack at work? I don't know that.) or in the cumulative total of 1 hour between today and tomorrow morning. Ech. I'm so not ready for the trip but I can't wait to get away.


  1. Cleaning the house in preparation for your stay has been fun. Between doggies who love to knock over trash cans and said doggies being shut in the kitchen while David and I are at work the house did not stay clean from a week a half ago when I gave it a good clean. The kitchen got a good clean yesterday too (floors, counters, dishes). The clothes are finally being washed (only work clothes got washed this weekend), because normally I do it on Monday but we worked this Monday. So yup, I feel ya on the cleaning part.

  2. I HATE the pre leaving for a trip (love the trip part). Noah and I get in our worst fights ever before trips.