Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines

I had a wonderful Valentine's day. Brent was a good hubby and brought home a boquet of roses and some other pink flower along with a box of chocolate for me (that was Saturday night). Sunday was very nice. We were both off :-) and we slept in and then went to church together.

I loved spending time with Brent at church. It was so encouraging to see Brent playing with the kids, spending time with the kids, dancing and singing with them, worshiping and stopping to pick them up with the biggest grin ever.... I think it was good for him as much as it was for me. It's like all God wanted to say to us on Sunday was "See? I'm listening. I know better than you." Like my own personal love gift from Him.

Sunday afternoon we relaxed pretty hardcore. I have this horrible cough. It started as a sore throat and headache, I lost my voice for a day, then it morphed into the coughing beast. I talked to my OB and they let me take Robitussin DM and that's been helping. I haven't taken it EVERY 4 hours but I've been taking it pretty frequently because I just can't sleep at night because I cough too much. Last night I hardly slept till about 6 am and then only for about 2 hours. But, Sunday afternoon the kids took like a 3 hour nap and played quietly for another hour so Brent and I just slept the day away, cuddling and relaxing and doing nothing special. We'd had plans to clean the kitchen and the rest of the house. HAHA.

So Alina is getting too big. She can open her door now. So she lets herself out in the morning, goes and gets some form of breakfast and usually gives some to Raziel. The first morning we realized she could do this that breakfast was oreos. Several of them. Since then we've gotten smarter and the sweets are high up out of reach and the nutritious, non-messy, non-choking-hazard foods are easy to reach. I'm thinking of even keeping a few bottles of milk on the low shelf in the fridge since Alina just helps herself and gets food for Raziel too. How horrible is that?!?! She's good about shutting the fridge though.... and if it's prepped healthy snacks and things, that's just encouraging independance, right?

I am going to go and get that carseat today. They have it in stock at our Target, and I got a 10% off coupon from Target in the mail yesterday. Oh, and I'm so excited! Yesterday, at church, God did another really cool thing. I remember a while ago talking to Brent about moving to Charleston because I was lonely. I told him I didn't have any friends and wasn't making friends and I was tired of it. Well, since then we looked at houses and things and decided to just sorta stay here and see how things went.

Of course, I've gotten really close to my friend Tamara and I'm really happy at my job, and I've been able to get closer to my family through google and blogging and such... but it was another one (well 3) of those God saying "hey, I do listen to you" moments right back to back during meet&greet at church. Chelle Regal, one of the ladies at church with kids came up to me and gave me some jeans for Raziel that her daughter had outgrown (boy jeans) and asked when the baby was due. I told her and she said that she'd really like to make dinner for us when we had Judah. I was sooo excited! I remember being at churches where people made dinners for other people when they had babies or got sick or someone died or something, and I'd always been sad that no one had ever offered to do something like that for my family because to me it was a huge act of 2 things -- 1) they noticed your struggle and 2) they wanted to help. I'm so blessed to be in a church that someone walked up to me and said "I want to provide dinner for you when you have your baby."

Then, before Chelle and I were even finished chatting, Darien (my cell group leader) walked up to us and told me she wanted to ask me something. She and others in the cell group and other members of the church are going to all get together and get as many diapers together for us as they can. WOW!! What a blessing! I told her we already had a few newborns (thanks to Walgreens sale) so size 1's would be best. Between Walgreens and the church, I won't have to buy diapers for MONTHS. Litterally.

And then, right after church, we went to lunch with Tamara and Brian at Taco Bell. We were chatting about the church giving us diapers and Tamara informed me that she was not donating diapers to our cause. I laughed and said that was okay and she went on to tell me that she's making a sling for me. I am so excited! I've got a front-pack that my mom made, and I have a heavy-duty-hiking backpack for a bigger kid, but I have never owned a sling. The major thing that I am excited about in the sling is that (when properly made and worn) you can breastfeed while the baby is in the sling and you don't need any extra cover-up and no one can even tell your feeding the baby. This sounds AWESOME. Plus, I've always been interested in using a sling vs a front pack because my friends have all talked about how much they liked their slings but I have never asked for one because I have the front-pack and it does the job well. Anyway, Tamara wanted to make one for me so that's what I'm going to use this baby and I'm excited to see how it works.

Anyways, that was my valentines. Flowers and chocolate from my husband plus a LOVELY afternoon, and blessing upon blessing from God and I am just a happy happy camper.

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