Thursday, February 4, 2010

5:30 again

So actually it was 6:04 when I dragged my butt out of bed and stumbled into the shower to stand in there for 10 minutes and progressively wake up enough to feed and dress the children, pack the car, get dressed myself and feed Oden while Brent got ready and added transmission fluid to the neon. Suzuki was left with a spare in the ignition and the tow truck is billing the mechanic and we're paying the mechanic when we return and pick up the car. (it's not like anyone's gonna steal it when you can't start the thing!)

Kids were grumpy at first but cheered up a bit after breakfast, and even more when I treated them to a second and yummier breakfast -- sonic french toast sticks. They were dropped off at the sitter and now I'm at work and ready to crash becasue I'm exhausted.

Well that's all I can do right now because I am totally worn out

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