Saturday, February 13, 2010

Judah Preperations

Preperations are under way (now that I'm at 35 weeks haha). The pack and play is set up in our bedroom with the bassinet in it. I washed everything (clothes and sheets and blankets) in the dermetologist recommended stuff. It's piled neatly in a basket... it will end up in the mini-closet I have in Raziel's room, but I haven't bought the little baskets I need for it yet for Judah's clothes so it's still just in a laundry basket.

Lately I've been thinking alot about finishing the boys room... Painting it the rest of the way, organizing the closet, setting things up for... well for a baby. Which is funny because Raziel's been in there for a while but he's so laid back and chill. I want to do maybe a cute white and blue theme for them... Brent wants to make it Mario. Well, okay, maybe there's a way to make that cute. Maybe I could paint the walls white the rest of the way, border 3 walls with light blue and some light green, and then make a Mario mural on the last wall. It could be really cute. And, it could be a boy room that a boy would want. Really, how many boys will want polka dots and swirlys? I mean, I love Alina's room with all the dragon flies and butterflies and flowers. It's really sweet. When will I do all this painting I'm ready for? After the dishes get done. LOL

I have looked online and picked out a few carseats I like... I've opted to go convertible. You have all these inserts and stuff for infancy and it works rearfacing or forward. This will eliminate the need for another carseat purchase once he's one.

This one was really cool looking, and I thought it would be super neat. But then I looked at the price tag and well... Let's just say that the Riley clan (Sarah, her mom and her sister) were very generous but $299.99 is a bit extravagant.

This one was really cool too, high ratings, etc... but you know, $319.99 is pretty over the top.

So I think we're choosing this one. It's very reasonably priced around $80 which will allow the gift card to cover taxes and we may still have $15 or so for diapers and whatnot. I wanted to make it a point to purchase a carseat that was close to the same price as the giftcard because that's what it was given for but I really like this one better than some of the ones that are right at $100 so I'm just going to buy the one that I want (lol I'm sure thats okay) and use the rest for other baby items.

I'm not sure though, I'm going to look at it with Brent and go from there....

Maybe I should stop biding my time and start being ready for this baby :-)

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  1. NOOOOOO... you are not allowed to get the $80 carseat and use the rest for other baby stuff:P J/k, that sounds like a good choice and it will take care of taxes on it to like you said. We thought about getting the carseat itself, but there are so many and it really is up to the person using it as far as what they (you in this case) like. Good luck and I hope Brent likes it too:)