Friday, February 19, 2010


So we got our state return yesterday and I mentioned to Brent that it might have been the whole tax return but the bank holds deposits over a certain amount (and a $5,000 deposit would qualify) for an extra day to verify it. Well I guess I was right because there was a $5,388 deposit in my account bright and early this morning and I was EXCITED!!

Its just fun to open your bank account page and see a huge number like that on the screen. WOoohoo!!

So, I paid up our morgatge (we'd fallen a bit behind) and called a few creditors to find out settlement amounts. Victoria's Secret continues to be total ********* when it comes to anytime I call them. If you remember a few months ago (November I think) they were the ones that wanted to charge me $9.95 a month to make payments by phone and didn't want to tell me I could mail a check? Anyways, now I called to get a settlement arrangement and they quoted me a price and I told them they were out of their minds because they'd quoted me lower origonally and then I've paid $60 in the meantime so they can just try agin. He finally came to what is approximately 50% minus the payments I've made and I told him that'd be fine and I'd mail a check. Well dude says if I send a check a settlement won't be made, and it was to be done on the phone to settle and close the account so it will cost the extra $9.95. Well, I can live with that to be done with them. So I tell him I have to chat with my husband about it and I'd call back tomorrow. Well, homeboy gets really rude and basically tells me they won't make that deal with me tomorrow and I have to do it today. I told him, firmly, that I was going to talk to my husband about it and basically he couldn't bully me into anything and I'll just call back tomorrow and do the same thing I did today to get that offer and they'd give it to me, I'm sure. He wasn't too happy with me. Poor baby. It's so stupid to me. I'm calling you to pay off this debt you've been trying to collect on and you're being a jerk about it? Wonderful. Great way to do business. HAHA.

Well I am excited though because I was betting on paying Victoria's secret $300 and I'm going to pay off for less than $200 so that's pretty freaking AWESOME. At&t wasn't so nice... I owe them $300 and I need to pay $300 and that's that. LOL, oh well. Good thing I called At&t back when I first got that bill becuase it was initially like $576 or something and I had to work them down to $300. I can handle paying the $300 because I know I owe them that much and it's not like increased from the principle or anything. VS has been collecting interest for ages before I even realized I still owed them money. I had like a remaining balance of $85 and I stopped getting bills and voila suddenly they say I owe them $413. Funny how that works. And no, they wouldn't let me cut the check for $85 and call it even. LOL.

Well so once I collect all the proper information from the peeps we owe money to, Brent and I are going to sit down tonight with all the figures and chat about priorities and what to do when. I'm really glad to be getting our debts settled and still have money for fun things.... like interior decorating!!

JUDAH UPDATE: Had an OB appt this morning. My midwife is of the additude that if I'm not worried she's not worried so I'm at 36 weeks and they haven't checked my cervix in months LOL (well since the kidney stone I guess). I love Cheryl, and I really hope she's the one who delivers Judah. She's guessing it'll be another week or two, though he's definitely head-down and (womanly-warning) she said I'm swelling alot in that reigon. They did the strep test today which is why she was even looking around at all. (sorry lol). She's guessing he'll be around 7 lbs and he seems to be about 5lbs right now (so hoping for the full 4 more weeks here for the sake of my paycheck arrangements!)

She also asked (again) how long I was in labor with Raziel and encouraged me not to wait around and do laundry if I think I'm in labor. She said just go to the hospital and don't run errands on the way because I just don't won't have much time whenever I'm actually in labor. Which it is funny that she told me not to do laundry because that's totally my nature... oh, contractions, no big deal, I'll just finish up washing this pot and we'll pack up the kids and go on over to Nene's and then yeah I'll make it over there to the hospital eventually. Cheryl knows the life of a mother way too well :-)

That's all the fun for now kids. TTYL!

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