Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm totally feeling alot better now. My cough is almost totally gone and I have no more headache or fever or anything.

Yesterday was good. I got home around 6:45 and Brent got home at about 7:15 with the kids. I was able to get Alina's room nice and clean (she'd opened grits and rubbed it on the floor with koolaid and it had dried... yuck) and I cleaned Raziel's room, and the bathroom as well... started some laundry, sorted and folded some of the clothes and made grilled cheese for dinner.

This morning, we had a really good morning. Brent and I both slept really well (I didn't wake up coughing all night!) and we got up out of the bed around 7:45. OK, Brent got up at 7:45 and I was out of the bed before 8. Brent had already started the shower when I waddled in there. Alina was awake and hanging out in her room. She had decided not to go exploring this morning for breakfast (YES!) because I'd left her juice and an apple on her table so she'd have it available without having to poke around anywhere for food. Raziel was happily playing in his crib, diaperless. He's gotten into this strange new habit of taking off his diaper. We don't know why. He'll do it even if he's wearing a full one-piece outfit, and we have yet to figure out how he does that because he doesn't unbutton himself. We just find him without a diaper on and the diaper laying somewhere nearby. This morning is was just a wet one - thank goodness. I stuck a new diaper on him and gave him some bread and milk and hopped in the shower and it was really just lovely. I hope that every morning from now on goes so smoothly!

We are still waiting on our tax return. It was filed like on the 2nd and the IRS site says they've received it and we'll have it back by February 23rd. Wow. Way to go, IRS, I know it takes that long to cut a check and put it in my bank account. Anyway, they are taking their sweet time and I am impatient. I get to go bra shopping as soon as we get it back, and I need it! I haven't bought new bras in over a year and a half and the ones I have are all falling apart now. So, I need to throw them out and buy a new stock, but I can't until we get the money for it. I was going to go to Victoria's secret but I think I'm really too rough on my underwear to pay that much for every-day use stuff so I'm gonna try some Walmart stuff and see how it works out.

Brent and I are also investing in a desktop computer for our film business. (No Mom, not Internet yet, just a computer) We're getting a super-duper one with bells and whistles that's made specifically for film editing for about $800.... it has like 8GB of ram and a terabyte of something and a video card that's top notch... and that's about all I've retained of the endless string of specs Brent has been talking about besides that it's a 19" monitor which is the size of a small TV. Brent is also finally replacing his PS3 (they're down to $300 now!) and purchasing a few games he's really excited about. Besides those small fun things (really, the computer is more of a business investment and less about the fun) we're putting all remaining towards debt and a big chunk is going into savings. I am proud of Brent and I because we're getting a $6,000 check and we're only spending about $500 on fun things and all the rest is being sensible, responsible adults working on building our credit, our business, and getting out of debt. Its hard to do that when you're looking at that big of a check.

On lunch today I am running down to Target to buy the carseat with my 10% off coupon that I got in the mail. I am excited about it! I'm also buying some little baskets for the boys closet so that I can have my laundry basket back (it's holding Judah's recently washed clothes right now). Saturday I'm going up to the Babies R us to spend the $25 gift card on sensible things - bottles, pacifiers, nursing pads, etc - that I haven't stopped to stock up on yet. Babies R Us isn't the cheapest place to buy this kind of stuff, but I don't need any more clothes or blankets and so I'm going to use it for things we do need.

I am hoping that with the 30 minutes or so I have at home after work before Brent and the kids get home, I'll be able to keep up with the house and catch up on the things I've been lacking. We're making progress on the dishes though I've discovered that my dishwasher (which doesn't work but I've used as a drainer) has a bad leak and every time I wash dishes, all the water that drips off of them ends up in my floor. So that adds another project to the list of things to work on.

I am super excited because Brent's check this week was supposed to have $150 go towards food and gas but with all the conscientious purchasing I've been doing lately, we don't need any food! It has been an act of discipline to continue eating the same boring foods consistently (there's been variety, just not fun stuff like frozen pizzas)... but we're doing really well and I think we've made a big step of progress in our finances as a result of this. I do want to go and buy beef so that I can make some stew sometime soon, but this is not going to happen until we need to go grocery shopping again.

Well, I don't have too much more to say for the time being. I've finally finished my thank you notes and I think I'm going to go watch the Food Network whilst I sit around at work getting paid to do... nothing.

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